[Recruiting] (APOC) WHO Guild - PVP, Merching, PVE, Gathering

  • [Recruiting] (APOC) WHO Guild - PVP, Merching, PVE, Gathering

    We are called WHO in APOC Alliance... I believe we are the only PVP Guild in that alliance currently... lol
    We spend a lot of time blackzone farming & fighting. Our Guild Island is based in Martlock. We do a lot of merching and market manipulation for money. We've got 20 members in the guild, and we use Discord & TS.
    We are looking to eventually take territory, as well as form up alliances with other like-minded guilds, for now we are focused on growing and bettering ourselves. Most of us are in T4.1-3 and T5 gear.
    Most of us come from EVE and Rust and are pretty good friends who've been playing games for years. We are looking to continue growing and making friends to play with as we go along. We are mostly in US/Canada but different work schedules vary so we have people generally on game at all times. Message Julie#6023 on discord, we'd love to have you! <3