Dual Swords Severely Underpowered

  • Dual Swords Severely Underpowered

    Dual Swords are one of my favorite weapons in the game. That being said, they are also one of the most under powered weapons in the game. Let me address why I believe they are so under powered and how this could be fixed.

    For starters, the synergy of the dual swords is atrocious. You can use them with basically any gear, and they will always under-perform. I have tried full plate, full cloth, full leather gear, and even hybrids of gear but none of them really give any benefit to this weapon. The only one to remotely come close is the Mercenary Jacket, which gives bloodlust. This works pretty well with the bleed on the dual swords because the bleed also gives health from bloodlust; however, there is a big downside to using bloodlust and dual swords and it is the fact that you must go full attack speed, instead of using the abilities on the words, leaving you wide open for counter by anything that mitigates damage or CC. Additionally, they don't work in a group setting as well as pretty much all other weapons do. When fighting in a PvE context, you're dealing mediocre damage that can be outdone. Take Axes for example, something that is very close to what swords in terms of use. Axes have bleeds on their abilities, meaning that they have largely higher DPS than dual swords, even just the one-handed axe has more DPS than the dual swords. In a PvP context dual swords are also mediocre when compared to similar things. Again, axes outperform here because they have bleeds. The one-handed dagger is even better than the dual swords on account of its E ability, the poison. So where do the dual swords actually shine? The answer is nowhere. They aren't good at taking someone down. They aren't good at catching someone out. The one and only ability they have can only be used in a PvP scenario and it is Hamstring, or the W ability. This will slow enemies so your team can kill them. Hamstring is a great ability, don't get me wrong, but I could easily switch to any spear to do the same thing, but even more effective because it's based on autoattacks. Additionally, I could switch to glaives and use Fling to do the same thing, but with more benefit, or I could switch to using Windwall, or I could switch to using maces and snare everyone in an area. My point is that, when it comes to synergy, everything else can do what dual swords can, but better.

    Secondly, the point of using dual swords is to deal damage. However, even when wearing full mage gear, it underperforms. You could just as easily wear full mage gear and out damage dual swords with any other kind of weapon. You also lose all of your defense when wearing mage robe, so you're pretty much just walking around with no health and still dealing less damage than normal. Don't believe me? Try killing any T7 mob with dual swords and a full set of mage garb. You'll be able to do it, but as soon as you take damage from any other source, you die. To fix this issue, I tried full plate and full leather. Leather seemed to do better than plate because it allowed me to actually deal enough damage to kill the mob before dying, but the issue still persisted: Any other damage and you're dead.

    Thirdly, and probably most importantly, using the E ability, the only damaging ability on the dual swords, has an animation that takes ages. As soon as someone sees that I am jumping to them using my E, they block it. Sure, you can do the same against dagger pair, but the difference is that it is harder to see the dagger pair animation before they are able to get the cast off, whereas the dual swords E animation is so blatant that even someone with a slow reaction time could see it coming... making it effectively useless in PvP. This is also contrary to the claymore which doesn't even have an animation when using its E ability, yet it deals just about the same amount of damage--without even having stacks--as the dual swords with full stacks.

    Finally, dual swords' base damage is the less than all of the other swords. For swords made specifically to damage things, this is pretty pathetic. Sure, the attack speed is what balances the swords on a DPS level, but that makes all of the abilities do less damage. When compared to even a broadsword, you are doing less damage because the broadsword not only has more base damage, but also has more resilience penetration.

    In conclusion, dual swords are pretty damn awful, and I have the experience to back it up (see attachments). They don't synergize with any kind of armor, their purpose is to deal damage but they don't, the E ability animation is too long and too easily blockable making them useless in PvP, and their base damage and resilience penetration is so low, despite being "the swords for damage," that using a broadsword is more beneficial.

    So how do we fix this issue? What would make dual swords actually worth using? For starters, the damage seems to be the biggest issue when it comes to these swords. So, the resilience penetration could be buffed to match that of the broadsword, at least. That way the base damage would be low, but the resilience penetration would at least be high enough to give them a chance. Or we could do the opposite, and change the base damage instead of the resilience penetration. This would allow the abilities to deal enough damage to be equal to the other swords, minus the resilience penetration. Either one of these would be a good start, but I don't believe they really fix the dual swords as a whole. Next, we have the E ability animation. If I had only one choice of what to fix with these swords, it would be exactly that. The animation is just too long to be viable in any form of PvP. Maybe the damage could remain the same, but if the animation was shorter I could actually use the swords to their full potential, rather than only being able to use the swords for 2/3 their potential. Maybe that's what's been wrong the entire time, the fact that I can only use these swords to 2/3 their potential, and the base damage is low enough to make that 2/3 into something completely nonviable. Lastly, the devs could do both and fix these swords completely. They were meant to do damage, so increasing the base damage, resilience, and E-animation would definitely make them viable again. Maybe too viable, which is why the devs haven't changed them all this time. If anything, changing the base damage or resilience, and shortening the animation should do the job. They would finally be viable again.

    However, I definitely would like to see some changes to the swords, whether you use my suggested changes or decide to do something else. They need fixed. They are not nearly as good as other weapons. Another idea I liked, when getting suggestions from my friends, was adding a bleed or two. Maybe the Q could cause the enemy to bleed, but it would be a little overpowered to have a single ability give both a buff and a bleed. So why not follow in the footsteps of the dagger pair? What if the E ability applied a bleed? This would help these weapons a ton. It would actually make the long animation worth using because it would apply a bleed, and landing it correctly would make the difference between life and death, rather than the current E which pretty much just results in your death.

    What do you guys think? Obviously, they are under-powered, but what changes would you like to see to them?
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  • Hello i agree about that dual-swords are really underpowered. e cast time is so long and dealing damage by "q" stacks.

    I ran that build for dualsword :

    leather hunter helmet : reflect and armors
    mage armor : frost shield
    leather shoes : dodge

    and that build actually worked right if i use interrupt(after 3 stacks of "q", increases your attack power %30) as "w" skill. In same build if you wanna be more tanky you can change mage armor with scholar armor but still should be using frost-shield skill.

    I wished that dual swords could use "e" skill without "q" stacks. So maybe lowering "e" skill damage but being able to use it without "q" stacks would be super effective i think. And that way i can finally use dualswords.

    In addition: I think that secondary "q" skill is a pure trash. I wished that some skills inside the game not be like that. The Design of items are not offering different playstyles for now but i am pretty supporting that some casting abilities maybe stun skills that lowering damage should be in all items.
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