Why I Quit Albion Online

  • I'm pretty ready to throw in the towel as well.

    Every patch is just bandage over broken shit they can't fix.

    Game is instant gratification, all maps are copy paste, all dungeons are copy paste. PvP is dead after all the "we don't like pvp patches". ZvZ is dead: castles were basically removed because servers can't handle it. Every fight that has over 200 people in it is unplayable rubberband hell. SBI has even said they can't fix it.

    There is no content like you said: people are already T7 and prolly soon hitting T8 when game is 2 weeks into release. Servers are so crappy that they need to restart 2-4 times a day.

    Every patch is based on their "numbers" which don't reflect any real situation in the game. New dismount-autoattack cd is nice in theory for early game newbies, never did they think how it affects high tier gathering / ganking.

    All PvE content is doable in flat 6, meaning by now all world bosses have already been defeated.

    PvE is so easy and unpunishing that it's completely the same grind as gathering.
    Gathering is so safe now that it is _impossible_ to die. (still running 0 deaths till now, also 0 deaths during beta3 after using T7+ mount).

    So many bugs: skill levels reseting to 0, gold disappearing, items disappearing.

    You can get to max mastery by sitting in town farming expeditions. You basically don't ever have to leave the newbie zones and cities to max out everything and it aint even that much work.

    UI upgrades have been promised for years now, still waiting for them.

    Every patch caters to faster progression, safer gameplay, easier gameplay etc. Game is less hardcore than runescape. Which is pretty sick for a title that started off as "Hardcore Sandbox MMORPG". There is no hardcoreness, there is no sandbox, there is mmorpg, but you can't go everywhere because zones are full and you can't have big fights because servers can't handle it.

    Simply put: game might survive a bit longer if the game was actually playable, but it aint. Problem is now that the developers for some reason created a game based around guild vs guild fighting, 5v5 and ZvZ but figured now at release they can't make it work. Kinda late now isnt it?
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  • The community is toxic as hell and SBI devs are shit. Hell, the destiny board lost track of what you wanted to track/untrack every time you logged out(which is as simple as saving data to a text file or in memory). So I understand why people are quitting.

    Hell, the CEO of SBI ran a gambling website before Albion Online. Its unfortunate they are ruining a brilliant game.
  • perhaps you should restate, "the devs are shit and driving the community to be toxic as hell...." cause ive never been so frustrated and toxic on any combined 5 shitfest games, as i am on Albion. Its insane the let down. Really want my cash back, and this wouldnt even register as a memory. But since i paid, feel like i gotta try... but i cant cause i play android
  • Tbh man the fact that this game supports mobile is really just a cash grab -- its probably the only reason the front-end of the game is created in Unity(because unity compiles to all machines basically). Any sort of PvP, especially with a high volume of players is going to be extremely hard on mobile and you pretty much won't be able to compete at a high level -- its just the nature of mobile vs pc/mac atm.
  • ive heard all that before. Fact is, on 4 gb pf ram amd bluetooth mouse, i did just fine last fall. Castles and open world, no prob. Never had the right schedule with the fam for any GvG. And i dont care about top tier play. I care about ANY tier play. Just get the client fixed. 12 months later it not even comparable in its shit-level.