Resource Return Rate and Fame Bonus from Buildings..

  • Resource Return Rate and Fame Bonus from Buildings..


    I just found out that only the buildings in the cities have these bonuses that really are great. But here comes the question, why i would build on my island? There is no bônus, it would spend a lot of resources/time/silver/gold.
    The bônus is very nice and make everyone use the buildings in the cities, making our buildings useless to build.

    We pay a low price to use the cities buildings and the reward is so incredible, why we would build our own? The only buildings that are Worth it is the farms and maybe the mil.

    We need a rework on this. Please. The buildings in the cities should be the only with this bônus. :(
  • Hantaro wrote:

    You forget the house, with workers you can earn resources too. ;)

    But yeah, it's mostly for economic purpose. You won't paid someone if you use your private building.
    Yeah, forgot about the workers but.. We would pay someone if we dont have the private building.

    Even if we have the bonus, we would continue looking for the buildings in the cities that we do not have because is not that easy to upgrade a single building. The private island is not cheap.
  • Supply and demand.
    It is cost efficient to craft in town if the fee is low.
    It is cost efficient to craft in the guild island if the city fee is high and the 15% kickback does not cover the fee.
    I am sure you never looked at the HIGH FEE of the tier 7-8 buildings, that guilds without a decent island have no alternative to.
    Private islands should only have houses with labourers, any other alternative is a waste of a plot, unless you are roleplaying.
    Nothing wrong with the current system.
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  • wolfer wrote:

    Any plans to change it? Not only private island. but it is sad fo guild islands too. For guild island we only have the guild house, neither buildings gives bônus or return resources.. Why would ppl go to guild island and buildings if there is a massive lost of fame/silver/resources?
    They won't do it because anyone can make his own guild and guild island.

    They want to have fewer people who can benefit from the system.
  • I agree on the fact that there have to be advantages in crafting using facilities located in black zones and in cities as you have to pay to get them, but still, I'm with the OP on this topic.

    There's really no point in building any crafting station in private/guild islands, as there will always be a low tax, more convenient facility to use in city, and the reason is simple: people buy these plots in the city to get other players to use them so that they can earn tax money, and to achieve this, they set the usage fee to a value where using their stations is just slightly better than using island ones. Add the competition part to this formula, and slightly better often becomes a lot better.

    I mean, this system works only because cities have everything and you don't NEED to actually build any crafting station in your islands, but since we're given the option to do so, it would be nice if it actually had any utility,
    Here are a few options that could be considered:

    1. Instead of offering a better resource return ratio, non-island stations offer a better focus efficiency.
    2. When using focus, the resource return value is the same (or very close, like how it happens when comparing city and BZ), regardless of where you're crafting.
    3. Island facilities have a limited amount of daily crafts where the resource return is the same (or very close) as the other zones.
  • I'm pretty sure this is all working as intended. This is an intricately designed economic simulator where they have gone to great lengths to incentivize players interacting with each other. Allowing everyone to craft stuff with maximum efficiency on their own island would completely defeat the ultimate design goal they are going for.

    Islands cannot be disrupted by others, and don't permit economic or social interaction. I mean it is great there is a place we can hang out with our friends and play some relaxing FarmVille for basic resources, but it can't be the most efficient or lucrative way to do things or it will short circuit the greater economy.

    Cities, and player-owned crafting stations in particular, will always be better than private ones for these reasons. If you don't need a private island full of inefficient crafting stations, just don't build them. But you should take some comfort in that you can fall back on them if some monopolistic cartel takes over all the relevant crafting station and jacks up the fees in your city.
  • highfive wrote:

    I builded a Horse crafter on my island, it's completly useless since not only i have to feed it but the ressources return rate is bad. I just go in town and pay the % and save tons of money. So I'm wondering what's the point to have buildings beside houses on our island?
    There is no point. ! Just dont build in your island. It's only for houses or farming plots.