Had enough... wish I could refund

  • Had enough... wish I could refund

    I am a LEGENDARY Founder. I state that because of the faith I had in the future of ALBION BUT no more. There are serious game issues that have destroyed my enjoyment, and faith, in SANDBOX. Recently, after one of the many many rollbacks, my bank was wiped. Wiped with days of gathered materials in it.. hours of work. Now I accept that SUPPORT is under pressure but it been about 4 days now and nothing back from them. I read, and have talked to other players and even streamers, that have had many issues with Albion being broken in many ways. Including having their bank wiped. I cannot carry on in a PAID for game with all theses issues. New release games do have bugs and other problems on release but out of all the years I have been a gamer... Albion is the worst so far. I feel no reason to carry on playing as at anytime one of these issues, ie another bank wipe, may occur and all that re- gathered material in my bank gone.

    I am generally a patient guy but SANDBOX have tried me to the limit with the issues in Albion. Sadly I feel it is in a broke state and If there were any laws to permit me to get a refund then I would.. I know I cannot sell my account but even if I could this game has so many issues that I could NOT pass them onto anyone else. Some people have said 'wait a while and it get better', ok it is sound advice but since I have days of premium then waiting would be a waste, but at this point it time, I feel that playing is fruitless and a waste also.

    I hope that there are those reading this who are enjoying Albion and will continue to do so but I am joining the many that have had enough and are leaving. :(
  • Feel the same m8.
    Yesterday I just gave all my stuff to guild mate and left the game. They had their chance and they behave like we're still in beta changing the game "on demand" and going far away from the wonderful promise of the first iteration of the project.

    It's now still a beta for a casual game for casual players no more.
  • VioNectro wrote:

    I also wish I could refund, however the main issue for me is the game just isn't fun... and I am a casual.
    "casual" you said it my friend.

    If you don't live with your parents. rent free with no kids and no wife. this game is not for you.

    Casual players cant have a life on Albion Online. and that's a shame, but oh well. more games are soon to come out.