[Vile] - Recruiting Outlaws / Criminals (Red Zone RP-PvP)

    • [Vile] - Recruiting Outlaws / Criminals (Red Zone RP-PvP)

      Recruitment Status: OPEN!
      Established Date: August 2nd, 2017

      We are a newly established guild of criminals and outlaws of the realm who focus on Player-versus-Player (PvP) gameplay in red zones only. We are also a role-play encouraged (not enforced) guild where we ignite role-play themes with characters in order to help bring the guild premise to life.

      (Note: For all current and former EVE Online players, this guild would equate to a pirate corporation that is based in low-sec space.)

      Role-play Encouraged Definition

      I think one of the biggest drawbacks from our recruitment is players who don't role-play. You don't have to role-play to join the guild. Role-play in the way our guild utilizes it is through our public guild announcements and communications such as on the forums and other channels. In meaning, you are not expected nor would you find any role-play in the guild channel or on says or anything of that nature. We just like to encourage others to think about their characters, what their story is and so forth, but that's the extent of you. The messaging we post on the forums on specific threads will be role-play focused to help set the theme of the guild as well separate us from all the other hundreds of PvP guilds.

      (Note: For the current and former EVE Online players, we would be like VETO. Role-play through public guild communications, not so much in-game unless for some reason we find a wealth of RP players who wanted to do so.)

      Reputation Loss

      We mostly fight in Red Zones, which means reputation loss. With the new reputation changes, this is not bad at all. You can lose reputation and gain it back a a lot faster than before. This makes becoming negative (-) reputation easier to manage and rebuild from in order to stay in Red Zones or even decide it's not for you and you want to go back to entering Blue Zones.

      Red Zone PvP

      Red Zones have a mix bag of content. You have gatherers, PvP'ers, and even other criminals all in one location. They are coming and going in very vast numbers due to the fact the Red Zones are small in quantity compared to the Black Zones. This means you can always find something to get into, but also find trouble very easily too. Thus, it's a difficult life for a flagged and wanted criminal, but something that I've found to be pretty fun. More fun than Black Zones because you can flag and unflag yourself if you're not ready to PvP.

      Red Zones are also good practice for Black Zone PvP. There is territory we can capture and hold. There is zergs and solo PvP. There are many similarities and differences in Red Zone PvP that can help you become better at PvP or just at ganking unsuspecting fat lush targets.

      Developers schrieb:

      Reputation changes:
      • Reputation gain from PvE increased by 50%
      • Increased daily reputation recovery at Villainous from 500 to 750
      • Reduced daily reputation recovery at Nefarious level from 1500 to 500
      • Increased daily reputation recovery at Dreaded reputation from 1500 to 2000
      • Dreaded players can no longer disengage their PvP mode
      • The net effect from these changes is to make it much more desirable to stay above Nefarious; to keep people from staying for too long at the maximum penalty level; and to prevent people from disabling PvP once they're Dreaded (which should have minimal impact as they can't enter red zones anyway)


      The requirements to join are very open to new and experienced players. We are established in the US (North America) and currently focused on eastern time zones in the evenings. This guild would be perfect for those who play in the US and mostly are both active-to-casual, especially those with full-time jobs where evenings are the primary play times.Must be willing to lose reputation in all guild activities.
      • Must be willing to engage in PvP over all other activities.
      • Must be an English speaker and able to use Discord comms.
      • Must be somewhat active throughout the week and weekends.
      • Must be mature and respectable to guild members and other allies.
      • Must be somewhat self-sufficient even though loot/coin is split after raids.

      Message @Famiine in-game or via the forums.

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