Guardian armor Feedback,(DEVS NEED READ THIS )

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  • Guardian armor Feedback,(DEVS NEED READ THIS )

    I would like to know why the guardian armor is simply useless except for visual and a single skill weakening aura it has fewer attributes than the armor of the knight and the soldier and only has 5% more group control.I think to balance this and give more options and purpose again for the guardian's armor could be given for her 5% of the statuses that she has in Knight Armor, readjust the attributes in Knight Armor to 10% and Soldier Armor to 15%. Today the guardian's armor is the only armor without any bonus can be a bug or not but this little correction would help and a lot for a tank take all agro and . To balance the armor of the guardian could be added a passive skill that increased the hp by 8% (remembering that it is the tank that must take the damage so that the group is safe and that amount should not unbalance the mechanics of game) and the Threat generation by 25% helping in the game pve and making the tank a little more useful in pvp(8% more hp). Another point here is that the taunt ability could be improved by allowing it to work in pvp (forcing the target to attack the tank for 1.5 seconds), this would give the tank guardian a better use on the battlefield and also give more Gameplay options without taking the balance between classes and item options. I sincerely hope you read my post.
    I really like playing tank but currently there is a disregard for this profession so poorly recognized I really hope to see these changes in the game would be great and I believe that many tanks like me also agree I hope to be making this posta way to improve The game and help this class so forgetful.We are the guys that catch you so you can play safe (damn archers who do not wait for the tank to pull the agro) but without resentment is our job!Sincerely Torrask the full plate tank (truly expecting these changes for a better day) :D X( X( :thumbsup:
  • Guardian Armor has its niche as the go-to PvE Tanking Armor. Considering there's no way to improve the stats of your character outside PvE and even the most hardcore PvP guilds have to do fame farms to help certain roles unlock critical abilities, it's a useful niche to have.

    BTW: Tanks are important in PvP. Critical, in fact. My guild frequently fights outnumbered and comes out on top simply because our tanks are absolutely amazing. I've come to trust them implicitly with my squishy little pyromancer... and the second they go in, they inevitably stun and lock down half the enemy raid for me to drop a Flame Pillar and Offensive Fire Wall to zone/scatter them.
  • all guys look into guardian armor has less defense than knight armor dont make any bonus to damage dont have any heal bonus guardian armor is only for visual and 50%cm that compared to knight armor that is 45% is simply useless plz read better before post anybullshit here I know the importance of having a tank on the battlefield but today the guardian's armor is only for visual purposesdont have any stats. I do not feel like a tank actually wearing it since the knight's armor has better status. Maybe a reduction of 5% damage taken by the guardian's armor, making her a bastion of defense and helping her in combat

    And also adding the changes of the post above

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