[NA/EU/AUS][PvP/PvE] Smiling Dog Crew - Small Guild Seeking Skilled Players [T4 Caerleon 10%]

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    • [NA/EU/AUS][PvP/PvE] Smiling Dog Crew - Small Guild Seeking Skilled Players [T4 Caerleon 10%]

      Hello friends of Albion!

      Smiling Dog Crew (SDC) is recruiting skilled members who are interested in joining a guild, focused towards PvP, PvE, Gathering/Crafting, and more! We have a T4 guild island based out of Caerleon with only 10% tax, suited for all of your crafting and refining needs.

      In-game, we are a small group (20 people), but have a large diverse community (Global) coming from PvP focused backgrounds from Elite: Dangerous, EvE, and Star Citizen. We are currently #1 PvP group in E:D: Community Spotlight Undefeated Champions Seasons 1, 2, 3.

      Although we are mainly focusing on PvP at the moment, our members run daily HG dungeons, Expeditions, and Red/Black zone gathering runs. If you are interested in PvP, we run daily Red/Black zone PvP runs. We have place for every player, no matter what your play style is.


      If you are interested in applying to join SDC, please join our Discord Server Here and PM one of our ranking Guild Officers or higher to join as a recruit to receive an in-game guild invite. Your skill, activity, and personality will determine your title promotion from Recruit to Member. Be sure to set your Discord name-tag as your in-game name.

      Our player base is a very "diverse" group of individuals from every corner of the world. Don't be shy to say "Hi" or just chat with us, but be aware; please don't take any of the things we may say in chat/voice to heart. Our conversations can get pretty "intense" from time to time and do not let it discourage you!


      1. Please speak English (Some of us speak different main languages, but please be somewhat fluent in English).
      2. Must have Discord and Teamspeak (We use Teamspeak for voice and Discord for text chat/intel).
      3. Be active (Most of us play 6+ hours a day).

      Thanks for your time!
      -SKRAMZ (SDC)