Little compilation of things I'd like to see in Albion

  • Little compilation of things I'd like to see in Albion

    First of all, I really enjoy the game in every aspect. I am playing solo or with my brother which makes us two people. We both like to do expeditions, roam the blackzone and gather stuff. In the time I am plying I have come around some features that might be useful to have.

    Edit: I recently browsed through the suggestion forum and gathered some great ideas from other players to make this thread a little more valuable.

    PvE and PvP additions:
    • A way to mark a Focus target (PvE and maybe PvP) like in World of Warcraft. Often times I see me fellow Expedition members kill two mobs at the same time.
    • Player Target Target, a way to see what your targets target is (again like in WoW).
    • Make Solo Expeditions queue-able with 2 Persons or even give us 3 Person Expeditions (Maybe 2 DPS 1 Healer).
    • Expeditions queue timer displaying estimated waiting time.
    • The more people participating in killing you the less should drop from you.
    • Invite via right click an name in chat.
    • Scalable Buff and debuff section for more overview
    • Arena for Small scale PvP 1v1, 2v2, 3v3
    • Island Access to Expeditions (Maybe the Local Actionhouse and in Carleon access to Blackzone)

    Ingame Settings that could be usefull:
    • Settings Option to make all players in the town invisible (would help low budget PCs with lag in town).
    • Chose Color for a specific Chattype (LFG and Party is to similar).
    • Chat Background color in Snowzones
    • Smartcast like in League of Legends would be an awesome feature.
    • Map markers
    • Itemsort in Inventory and Sorting Options like: "Equipment first"
    • Action house price history

    Cosmetic Additions:

    • Something like a Barbershop to change your appearance for silver

    Crafting Suggestions:

    • Item Nametags

    That is all for now. Maybe there are some things that could make it into the game.

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