Dying in t4 dungeon

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  • You have to make the difference between being "knocked down" and death.

    In yellow/blue zone when you're at 0hp you are not really dead, you just need to wait few secondes to get up. Even in red zones you are only knocked down by monsters, and need to be executed by a player, or an elite mob (if it hasn't changed) to die.

    When you are knocked down and click the "Die" button, you will die and lose your stuff, wherever you are, even in city.
  • katysha wrote:


    I died in aa t4 dungeon and choose the death option.
    Why did I loose all of my equipment? I thought
    it was only possible in Red/Black zones?

    Or is always like that in dungeons? Even in safe zones
    With any zone, if you choose the death option you'll lose your equipment unless you're in an expedition (instanced PvE dungeons via blue portals in towns)

    Dungeons however, are open world PvE instances and even if you're in a yellow zone dungeon you can get knocked down and wait to get back up where you'll still have your equipment.

    However if you're knocked down and choose the death button you'll lose your equipment.


    Yellow zones death - Knocked down (IF you choose death you'll lose gear)
    Red zones death - Lose equipment
    Black zones death - Lose equipment

    No matter where you are I believe other than expeditions if you choose the death option you'll lose equipment. Just wait it out in the safe zones.
    I just like having a laugh.

  • Nulfar wrote:

    Red zones death - Lose equipment
    Black zones death - Lose equipment
    there are ways to get up in red and black zones if you get knocked down and you're in a party. If your party members kill the thing that knocked you down before that player or mob has a chance to finish you off (execute), you should get a timer which will allow you to get up when the timer ends. You still take damage and lose equipment as you would getting knocked down anywhere.