| Ethereal | Is Recruiting, and we want you! | On Recrute!!

  • | Ethereal | Is Recruiting, and we want you! | On Recrute!!

    Hello there fellows!
    Some of us are experienced Beta players but we need more man power and we consider everyone at the moment that wish to join a friendly & Funny guild. (NSFW)

    Ethereal is a small active guild at the moment, we have a T4 Island Level 4/6 with everything just saddler and cook buildings are on guildies Island but you will have access (T5 is in progress, still gathering the stone we need.. But you can always help if you wish)

    Our Current rates goes as; 0% Tax on Refining, 5% Crafter, 10% Silver Tax (Might change, if we have more people might adjust silver tax to 15% to compensate for food)

    We don't pressure anybody and we understand everyone play at their pace, some will stay up until 3:30am and post some Guild Recruitement Post, and some other will be slacking *cough, I mean sleeping.

    We believe guildship is awesome and creating bonds will help you progress in the game and get out of the early zones, we will raid as group, we will fuck up people as group.

    Feel free to send me a PM, Apply in Game, or just reply here with a small description!

    *We also have lots of french speakers so don't be afraid, we can also handle English conversations with meme and funny puns.
    I used to work for a soft drink can crusher. It was soda pressing.

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