I'm a miner. And 3 seconds is too long.

  • I'm a miner. And 3 seconds is too long.

    I'm sure you guys tested the 3 second timer before you implemented it.

    The issue is not the fix. Its unfortunately larger than that. The issue is we have 0 Idea what kind of game state/environment/world template you're trying to make here.

    Since I don't get invites to your meetings or their notes I can only assume a couple of goals/ideas in mind:

    - If you want solo gathers without support to mine with impunity. I think the 3 sec law (3 seconds before you can attack a player) is a solution. WITH mandatory tweaks in the future to either duration or some other aspect of the "gank" meta.

    - Was the change made in order to motivate guilds to use more resources (time, personnel) in order to defend their territories? Was it decided that response to solo gatherer's was too strong?

    - Or were small roams too powerful? <<<<<<< This was your response in a lot of threads (and I think reddit too)

    TLDR - I felt like my player skill as a gatherer in the black counted for something. Now it doesn't.

    - I always mounted when I see reds.

    - I kept my eye on the map.
    - I always had an out BEFORE i zoned in.
    - I knew I was at higher risk the further from a gate I traveled and would adjust my gathering path accordingly.
    - I made sure to relocate If I was spotted by ANYONE, even more so if the territory belonged to them.
    - I efficiently mined the nodes never more than a foot away from the mount.
    - I made sure the ore I was trying to main actually IN the zone. (Seen sooooo many people even fail to do this, either wrong biome or wrong tier)

    The list goes on of little nuances that I used to make sure I had every edge possible.

    And I still died about.....70% to 80% of the time.

    Now....its just too easy.