East Coast Guardians Recruiting/ PVE/ PVP/ Crafting/ Bridgewatch Based / Family Friendly Community

  • East Coast Guardians Recruiting/ PVE/ PVP/ Crafting/ Bridgewatch Based / Family Friendly Community

    Hello I am Drake from the East Coast Guardians we are a gaming community over a decade old and we play games together like a family of friends not like some strict bureaucracy video game job that isn't fun for anyone. We are a family friendly community but most of us are adults. We prefer you not be too young but we are willing to work with nice people.

    I will let my friend and our guild leader SwordThane in his own words tell you the rest from a post in our own communities forums.

    Guild Island:
    1. The guild island is for ALL MEMBERS free of tax. this includes crafting stations, refinery stations and etc. However, we do change the tax rate for open world from time to time to compensate for this (Don't worry nothing crazy and we ask before)
    2. The Guild chest is for ALL MEMBERS however please try to replace or at least put in something of equal value if you take something. Generally all the supplies in the guild chest are primarily used to increase the guild base.
    3. If you need help or want to do something just ask, we are all willing to help each other out!
    4. All major guild decisions will not be done thru officers or guild leaders, it will be done as a community, that way we all get an equal say. (This is a game, we are all here to enjoy and have fun with it)
    5. Last but not least all members otherwise affiliated or in the guild need to abide by EcG code of conduct. All members have invite rights for right now so you can invite your friends into the guild without hesitation, it is your responsibility to inform them of the rules and code of conduct.

    Guild Home:
    Is located in BridgeWatch as well as the majority of our player islands, if you need help relocating to this location let the guild know and we will help transfer all of your items and cover some of the cost if not all!
    Guild Mission:
    Our guild mission is to have a game that everyone can enjoy and that entertains all forms of gameplay such as; Farming,Raids,Dungeons,PVP ect.
    However, we are not looking to become a zerg guild. We would like to keep a nice tight community that is family friendly and fun to be around so with that being said GvG is most likely out of the question since you need about 300+ Members (If we join and Alliance that is another story). Over all we want to farm,raid,pvp,dungeons and world bosses and all of this is can still change and grow as our members grow and our goals change!
    Discord and Forums:
    All events and group nights will be posted on the forums as well as on discord to promote activity on both features!
    If you have any questions PM me in game or on the forums Swordthane.
    Remember Live fast and Frag Faster!


    After all of that I present our code of conduct.

    The following is a quick explanation of how we expect our EcG members will act, in our servers and out.

    To be courteous means to display our better selves to the people around us. If you think that what you are about to do or say will affect who you're talking to in a negative way, reconsider your approach. In competitive environments like gaming, the most admired winners and losers are those who conduct themselves with respect and good sportsmanship. As members of EcG, we are expected to be courteous.

    We are a community of individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds and circumstances. It is important to us that members are open-minded and accepting of all walks of life.

    If there is disagreement between members/non-members, please use direct messaging rather than the forums to resolve conflict. If direct message is not helpful, please seek a moderator to help resolution.

    Family Friendly Gaming Environment
    Here at EcG, we intend to create a community where Adults can decompress from a long day's work, and where parents can trust that their children are protected and encouraged in a positive social environment when they come join us after homework.

    As this pertains to expletives, we discourage use of profanities on our forums and discord text, and condemn their use toward another as ammunition.

    The EcG Family
    When you join our membership, you join our family! There is a great core group of EcG members who are committed to the success of this community and want everyone to benefit from the environment we create. There is no individual who makes us great, but we as a collective family take care of each other and are welcoming with open arms.

    Apply in game or at ecggaming.com and we are more than welcome to have you.
  • Hello ladies and gents.

    I became part of EcG family just recently, and I must say, I was a bit reluctant at first. I'm a european based player so I was affraid I'll be alone during my active hours. It so happened thou, a couple of my friends also joined from all around the Europe and I must say, it's fun. There is always someone to talk to and everyone is really welcoming, I find that atmosphere to be a big pro.The fun thing is, it's a gamer community, so you can find people playing other games if you want to take a short break from Albion, jump in RL, Rust, PUBG, HOTS, CIV or anything else.

    Don't take my word for it thou, just try it out, join us and see for yourself if EcG is a place for you :)

  • We have continued to grow and have joined the Black Hand Alliance. We are organizing to take control of a territory for the alliance to share. We are still looking for all types of players, new and veteran. We have a fun atmosphere. We welcome so called casual players as well as the really dedicated hardcore players (of which I am one of them lol). We regularly get black zone gathering groups together. Organise dungeon fame runs. We form vigilante red hunting groups daily. We also have two groups of players looking to form more that are practicing and participating in hellsgate. We are happy to help you get up to speed on the game if you are starting later than others or just haven't played as much as some. We share our knowledge and equipment to help you grow your character to be as fun to play as possible because this also makes our Guild/Alliance efforts easier to accomplish and way more fun.

    Mail DrakeDeity (That's me the East Coast Guardians Guild Leader) in game or apply to East Coast Guardians through the find a guild in game interface. Feel free to reply here as well.

    Join our Discord and join our family of friends. discord.gg/RU6Ju8B
  • *Bump*

    East Coast Guardians of ECGGAMING.COm has achieved the alliance rank of 52 as part of the Black Hand Alliance. We are still looking for active members. From Crafters to PVP players and everything in between. We run nightly and daily groups.

    Message here asa reply if you want to apply/join and or Message me or mail me in game DrakeDeity is my in game name.

    Mail Drake Deity. Or message our Right Hand Neiara she is awesome too and the guild wouldnt be the same without her.