How far could one get?

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  • I guess the word "endgame" is very open to interpretation. And rushing to maxlevel is a goal you can choose but it has never been mandatory. It is up to you if you wanna achieve it as fast as possible or not.

    Nobody is forcing you into doing something, even though I know that it is often the case that the game is designed in a way it has by far more to offer in the end-game because of the nature and character of most human beings who always strife for more and to be at the top. (higher, bigger, faster, etc.)

    Imho, this game can be played in different ways if you play it as a member of a community where you can take on different roles. (for example a farmer doesn't need tier 8 gear to organize his work and maybe even his transport (to at least non-pvp zones owned by his guild)
  • As long as it's enjoyable to take the slower route, I don't mind. If others choose a faster route because that's what they enjoy, that's also up to them as you guys have said. I just hate games like WoW where it leads you along on a hook to the end and until that end is reached, doing anything else is pointless or has little to no value. It makes the game very dull.
  • I'd imagine that you could enjoy taking your time to get maxed gear once the game is released but as it is currently during the alpha, everyone's mentality is to get to the top spots. So, you're going to see more of a year rush especially right when the test begins. Once people have gotten to t5+ gear it seems that they become more balsy and move to pvp more than gear rushing.

    ~May you find strength through honor and trust~
  • Twatishki wrote:

    If a solo player has property in a player city, what happens to that property when the player city changes owners?

    Nothing. :)

    Who owns the player city, and what battles are fought over that have no affect on the buildings inside the city. When you build in a player city, there is an additional silver fee in the form of a flat rate tax on the property, this tax is given to the guild controlling the city.