Thoughts on Weaponswap

  • Thoughts on Weaponswap

    I recently had this thought in my Mind about the Ability of Weaponswapping, which pros and cons it would have, and some rules for balancing.

    The idea itself came from actually looking at the current Login-Screen, roughly in the middle where you put in your Password there is a Person running with a Dagger in hand, but with a Crossbow on the back?
    Basicly its the Idea of having 2 Weapon-Sets equipped at the same time, that you can switch by the press of a button.

    And here are my thoughts on some necessary rules it needs to be balanced.

    1. Duplicate Weapons have shared Cooldowns.
    What i mean by that is if you have the same Weapontype in both Sets, they will share their Cooldowns.
    This would be necessary to avoid "Double-Casting" the same Spell.
    It would still be usefull if for example you need a different W or Q Spell, or a different Passive.

    2. Weapon swapping itself has a Cooldown.
    This would be necessary to prevent from swapping back and forth, meaning that you have to be more thoughtfull about when you want to swap weapons.

    3. Swapping Weapons puts Weapon Abilities on a short Cooldown.
    Similar to when you dismount, all weapons go into a short Cooldown. When performing a Weapon Swap, it would only affect Weapon Abilities.

    4. Swapping Weapons removes any Buffs (and Debuffs?) applied by the previous Weaponset.
    Stacking HoTs while dishing out Damage with your DpS Weapon should not become a thing.

    About the Pros and Cons, this is what i was able to think of:

    +/- Even more Build Variaty
    More Weapons = more Options. This has both good and bad Consequences.
    Mages would probably equip a Healing Weapon in their Off-Set, Hunters can adjust between Melee Burst/Mobility and Range Kiting, and Tanks... well they can go for a bit more DpS or CC.

    + More Risk more Reward
    Weapon Swapping should not be a mandatory.
    Having that extra Set of Abilities makes you Stronger indeed, but if someone manages to kill you, you lose both Weaponsets.

    What are your thoughts about having the Ability to Weaponswap?
    And which rules do you think are necessary to keep it balanced?