Is it possible to specialize in 2 different weapon lines?

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    • Sericenthe schrieb:

      You can specialize in all of them. You are only limited by your learning points. Personally I would do a few (I think I'm doing 4 right now, maybe 5 but 3 is a good number). If you want to be hard core like some you could just do one. However, I love being able to switch weapons for situations etc. And it's fun.
      Technically speaking, even learning points not a restriction since you can still get the to the next level just by raw grinding, as in getting the bar to 100%.


      I dont see why not, though if you mean to be able to switch while in combat, its impossible. Going on a hunt with having range weapon then going melee would require losing combat stance.
    • i suggest using the character builder to help you decide. you can mouse over various items at different levels to see how others have put them together. dont need to all plate for your armour, and if you look at the items them show the level, so you can see builds at various levels as well.
      or just folo the destiny board outward and mouse over the items , takes more time but maybe more satisfing for you.
    • Achilleslastand schrieb:

      For example Claymore and Staff? Or is it best to concentrate on one thing instead of being a jack of all trades? Also how good and what are your opinions on sword/shield builds?
      Of course you can, but don't expect to stay with the wave of players at the beginning of the game. Those who start with one specialization will spend all their points on that while you divide your interested. Eventually you will catch up and even be ahead of the curve but it may take a few month to see that happen.