Hello Everyone! I am Norindyr!

  • Hello Everyone! I am Norindyr!


    I am Norindyr, I recently got back into Albion Online and created a Guild named Revelry Brew Party. I'd like to say hi to everyone, hopefully I am a regular on Albion Online. I want to be, since it's a very fun game. Ive taken a liking to Plate Male and Frost Mage Staves, it's really good CC and I don't seem to die! About me? Well I am a nice, kind hearted man, especially to the outcasts the people who try to be different and shove the meta in the trash can to see what works better, the meta makers, I'd say. Anyone with the mindset to try something new, risking it all. I love to game obviously, I love to play music and I also love to strategy, in all forms.

    I will talk to everyone and all, as long as your kind to others and me, and have common sense on how to not be a douche. I believe I can get along with anyone.

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