Destiny Board Question

  • Destiny Board Question

    Hello fellow players, recently me and my guild mates have begun investing into The "Adept's Carving Sword" and the "Adept's Incubus Mace" we've taken a look at the Destiny Board and became a bit confused because of the skill tree for the Artifact Maces and Artifact sword shows a the picture for the "Adept's Clarent Sword" and the "Adept's Bedrock Mace" We are worried that if we spend the resources for the "Adept's Carving Sword" and the "Adept's Incubus Mace" that they won't be able to progress on the destiny board and we'd be wasting resources on the items, sorry if this is a dumb question I bought this game after Beta and I've really enjoyed it thus far but don't know as much as others, please help! (Thanks for the read) ?( ?( ?( ?( ?( ?( ?( ?( ?(