Update on Server Issues and Compensation

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  • I'm not really getting the whole part of you guys telling us that more servers won't help. Since the game is divided in zones already, with load screen seperating them, each of these "plots" could be on seperate servers. Furthermore heavily populated zones could be allowed to create instances on additional servers, adding an ability to teleport to the other server to be with your group.

    Everquest did this more than 10 years ago, i don't see why you guys shouldnt be able to. There are some obvious hurdles regarding castle fights, but thats about it.
  • im just so sick of reading everyone calling each other entitled :/ lets just call people rich cunts or something.

    and another thing why the fuck would people who are complaining about wanting more premium time than 7 days be entitled wouldnt the entitled pricks be the blokes that arnt complaing cause there just rich shits than can buy more premium time and would be happy for the rest of us uneducated poor pricks to suffer. gime more pls haha i need it

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  • @Bercilak when u say 2) Lag in large scale fights

    Problem: There is a hard technical limit to how many players can take part in a single fight without lag happening, in particular given that Albion's combat system is quite action based, with lots of things happening and spells being cast at the same time. No game in the world can exceed this limit, and how high it is largely depends on how fast paced and varied your combat is.

    I played BDO who is 100x time more flashier game then albion online and participated in 100x100 Castle fight and i had 0 issues.
  • Vortech schrieb:

    I'm not going to speculate here, but it seems something is fundamentally wrong. Be it due to a lack or foresight or a self-inflicted limitation, it's 2017. Everything should be made to scale, especially an MMO. As far as the compensation goes, I don't feel it's enough. Now, I've participated in worse launches and I appreciate what the devs have done and continue to do.. But many players have lost economical advantages, fallen off the fame curve, etc, due to these interruptions in service during prime time. @Bercilak this is your opportunity to do something big for the community, something we'll remember.. maybe something we can compare other MMOs to in the future and say.. "remember what SBI did for us after launch?". 7 days of premium? sorry, that doesn't even register.

    As I mentioned, I have participated in worse launches.. I appreciate the clear effort the developers and administrators have been putting in to provide us the world of Albion.

    I don't feel I personally need compensation at all however, I do feel like 7 days is NOT enough for most players who are extremely frustrated and are contemplating leaving the game due to the technical issues.. To be honest here, I fully believe that it would keep those players around if premium compensation was granted based on how long these issues have been happening/how long it will take for the issues to be resolved. As in - We've had these issues now for 2 weeks (those who have legendary that is) so compensate 14 days as of today. If the issues continue for 8 more days, give them 22 days of premium.

    Now I fully understand that this may be unrealistic from a business perspective of things as you guys need people purchasing premium for income to pay your development needs and all that.. However, due to the insane amount of people who have purchased the game and are playing, in which you stated by far exceeded your expectations and estimates, I am fairly certain you guys can afford to give players a lot more than just 7 days of premium. @Bercilak

    Like @Vortech stated above "This is your opportunity to do something big for the community.".

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  • a thread full of people that have no fing clue about coding or networking, arm chair quarter backing a gaming company on how to do it right.

    Ohhh god, thats rich. 90% of you think java is coffee, and i hear the most convuluded thought processes up in this thread...... You guys need jesus, then school, in that order


    Adults get pissed, we roll out..

    We dont threaten it, talk about it, warn you with it.

    Real ;>$$@# do.....we dont talk about it.

    Dont lime the game, roll out. Dont hang out crapping on a game you log into....just to trash it, thats high school son
    Blame the smart phone for typo's.

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  • Thank you for making an official statement. It goes a long way to reassure your player base. That said, for a game that generated so much revenue pre-release and was in Beta for over 2 years, there seems to be a ton of functionality lacking. The fact that you cannot turn on a setting to see enemy mob health bars above their heads, that you must actually type someone's name in an invite window to form a group, to the low resolution textures are issues that are disappointing at best.

    Hearing that all the projections of your business model for sales has been exceeded is actually great news, as far as I'm concerned. That means you've generated far more revenue than expected as well. With any hope, that means that the unexpected profit will be re-invested into making the game even better. Looking forward to how you all show us that Albion isn't just a cash grab, but a game from a developer that actually cares about the game and it's community, as much as the community cares about the game.
  • Its a good step forward that you guys give some technical descriptions and definitions.

    Some of us were already wondering if you knew what you were doing. WE NEED this kind of threads.

    I will love to see also API support for developers, for guild management, etc.

    Thanks in advance.

    Green Street Hooligans schrieb:

    You know the best part? It isn't knowing that your friends have your back. It's knowing that you have your friends' back.
  • 7 days premium seems a bit meh even if given to all 3 chars on any account.

    It is better than nothing but I think Bercilak and SBI can be more creative.

    A mount, a cape, an avatar are all possible acceptable rewards for us to show-off how we endured the first 30 days of Albion Online live..:)

    P.S. - 300 LP extra per character would be also welcome..:P