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  • About this forum

    For regular updates on the server issues, please see the News and Announcements forum.

    The purpose of this forum is to keep all information and discussions about the server performance in one place.

    Here is what that's important:
    • It makes it easier for us to collect feedback and information on server issues
    • it ensures that the right people read your feedback, as our tech guys do not have the time to go through multiple threads spread around different sub-forums
    • it prevents multiple threads being created on the same subject
    We will be constantly monitoring this forum, and also regularly share details and contribute to the discussions, with the exception of rants.

    Note that per our forum rules, rants are generally not allowed outside of the rants forum, as they do not really help anybody or solve anything - and no, we do not need to be reminded that the server issues need to be fixed. We will allow rants in this sub-forum for the time being though, as we can understand that the topic of server performance is a very emotional one. We won't however read or contribute to them.