How to determine if gear is X.1 or X.3 ? How does it matter?

  • 1. So every material has 4 types of rarity, common (no points) uncommon (x.1) rare (x.2) etc. Depending on which rarity is used to craft the piece determines its rarity

    2. Every .1 Is basically an entire tier worth of stats or "item power"

    3. So a 4.1 is basically the same "power level" as a tier 5
    4.2 is a tier 6 etc.
  • katysha wrote:

    I've often seen in the LFG chat

    " Warbow 4.1", "Tank 4.2", "only with 5.2"

    1. So what does the .1 mean? And where can I see it?
    2. Why is it important?
    3. And why is 4.2 better than 5.1? Tier 5 is ovbiously better than 4, am I right?
    1) The .1 means: uncommon material was used when crafting that tier 4 item.
    2) Type of material adds to the the overall item power of that item. And item power correlates to damage, heal, armor, hit points, mana, etc. you get when using this item.
    3) It isn't. And tier 5 IS NOT OBVIOUSLY better than tier 4, when you take all components into account which have an influence to the overall item power of that item!

    Tier 4 has 700 base item power.
    Tier 5 has 800 base item power.

    Uncommon material adds +100 IP to that.
    Rare material adds +200 IP on top of the base item power.

    So a tier 4 item crafted out of rare material has 900 IP. And so does a tier 5 item crafted out of uncommon material. Both are equal. Both have 900 IP. Both doing the same damage, or having the same amount of armor or giving you the same amount of additional hitpoints.

    But there are other components, which influences the overall item power. Crafting mastery (= quality of item), the skill tree in your destiny board, a zone modifier, etc.

    P.S.: Don't use tier level in chat! Just don't. It means nothing! Use IP of your weapon/armor or use your average IP (click on the little icon upper left of your inventory) when LFG in chat.

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  • Hawkadium wrote:

    It's not entire tier. I don't know why people keep going off these outdated numbers.
    4.25 would be equal to 5.0
    4.3 would be equal to 5.05
    and so on.
    Don't get tricked by your destiny board. If you leveled the skill tree already, you will see other IP values than your friend does for the EXACT SAME ITEM, just because your friend has a destiny board with other skills leveled there.