Graveguard Armor Is Weak

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    • Graveguard Armor Is Weak

      The ability for graveguard Armor is really weak, it's really hard to latch the chain, and when they 'are' pulled they aren't pulled all the way to you, maybe up until 3-ish meters from you.

      Not immediate, it's not gamebreaking and no one uses it so it will take however long it takes

      Comparable spirit hunter has a ridiculous ranged harpoon shot that travels at near instant speed, pulls back as fast as a glaive and you're basically stunned when you arrive, and you land directly on the caster with near no opertunity for counterplay like there exists with the graveguard Armor (30m chain break or cleanse)

      Compared to having to literally be standing on the enemy to latch, then when they do get pulled, let's say you get 7-8 meters from you and the target he'll only be pulled back 5-ish
    • Due to plate armors being weaker than most (demon helmet excluded), I would not only have the GG armor pull the user ~2-3m from you, but also snare them for base 4 seconds, scaling to ~7 as item tier increases. To balance this, have the snare be conditional, i.e. target is not snared if movement is otherwise impaired, or something along that line.