[Alliance]Bloody Misfits Family is Recruiting PvP/Crafting/Pve Guilds

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  • [Alliance]Bloody Misfits Family is Recruiting PvP/Crafting/Pve Guilds

    We are a family and as such we help each other out: your war is our war and your joy is our joy.

    The purpose of this alliance is to create a friendly environment of guilds with diverse play-styles.
    We believe that we can be as competitive as the top alliances without any of the drama.
    Whether you guild is focused on crafting, gathering, PvE or PvP, we will accept your playstyle and help you flourish.

    Are you a PvP focused guild?
    - Wonderful, we are willing to support you when you with a larger group of people and cheap equipment.

    Are you a crafting/gathering guild?
    - You are very welcome to join us. We need as many crafters/gatherers as possible to run the economy in the alliance.

    Are you a mixture of PvEverything guild?
    - Well that is not a problem: the alliance is formed in a way that you will be able to find members of different guilds who are willing to group up with you.

    We have a discord channel where all the members of the various guilds meet up, chat. form parties, discuss their day etc.

    We also share info about the ingame economy with our alliance members.

    What we require is
    • any sized guild
    • a willingness to help any member in the alliance
    • a motivated guild
    • English speaking
    • Joining our discord chat
    • Friendly Guild
    "We know you are a person behind that screen, and not just a character, so we will treat you with all due respect".

    Contact me, for more information

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