Auto-res cheaters in black zone

  • Auto-res cheaters in black zone

    I have witnessed player named X res himself in black zone (I have a topic about it in reports section) after I killed and executed him. He did res himself repeatedly to keep me in combat so I can't loot his bag. I have his profile saved. I hope someone from the GMs can check it and refund me my lost gear since after he ressed like 5 times he killed me with bare hands from full hp to 0.

    Thank you...

    Am I allowed to link his profile?
  • I don't think he self resurrected himself, I saw this happen yesterday when Caerleon was giving a error not letting people in anymore. Hence if he clicked to revive at nearest city it would just spit him back out and he'd revive on spot with no gear. Not sure how you didn't just loot and run either.