Dagger+Torch what armor should I go?

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    • Dagger+Torch what armor should I go?

      Hi guys I'm new to the game and I've decided to go single hand dagger+torch as my main weapon combo for the time being. Later on I will learn more weapons, but these seemed underplayed and maybe under tuned and therefore will be in demand once buffing begins.

      What armor set should I use for single hand dagger+torch? Please give me your best advice as I'm a lowly noob and will not recognize joke builds for what they are...even if dagger+torch isn't optimal I want the best build for them that I can make.
    • You could run Soldier boots (Plate) and take the Wanderlust movement ability for a very strong sprint. Cloth or Leather chest (Cloth chest would give more physical damage than leather, also you can get berserker spell from the mage robe which gives stacking damage increase and resistances increase based on your missing health. Leather would give access to stealth abilities, but stealth isnt all that great in this game atm). For helm you could go cloth mage helm for the poison, but really any of the helm choices could be fine depending on what you want. If you want someone to straight up tell you what to do, go cloth helm, cloth robe, plate boots.