Really well geared, experienced healer looking for guild

  • Really well geared, experienced healer looking for guild

    I'm a Holy healer, almost lvl 30 (29.5 at the time of posting this) on all my weapons and armor. I'm from EU and mostly play on late EU evenings ~7PM server time. My current island is in Thetford, but I'm moving it later this week to Caerleon in order to progress further.

    I'm mostly interested in high-end dungeon farming (red zone T6+ dungeons) and blackzone PvP in organized groups (not zergs). Currently I have an average of 1008 power level (T5.1, T5.2 and T4.3 full artifact gear) as well as 62k gold together with inventory worth ~10 mil silver, so buying and potentially losing gear during PvP / PvE fights is not an issue. Keep in mind that I am no longer interested in farming yellow or blue zones, so I'm anticipating some losses.

    Now a little about me - I'm 27, live in Lithuania. Been casually playing different MMOs and mostly healing for 10 years on and off. I only play casually, whenever I have time, so not looking for try-hard guilds with strict schedules. I do have a microphone, discord and teamspeak.

    If this is something you're looking for then either PM me in-game (same username - msy) or reply here.
  • Look no further than The Last Prophecy. Rooted in Ultima Online, founded in beta of that game in 1997, we have been at the forefront of all the greatest MMOs there has ever been! You will find fun, friendship, and a lot of lewd and lucidious banter on Discord! We're just all around a great place to call home for adults that enjoy to cut loose and let it all hand out!

    Our EU based team is possibly looking for a healer. Our team captain @TuF (who is my co-GM) lives in Serbia and is looking specifically for CET based people for his team. He was healing but I think he is switching to mace so a healer would be fantastic.

    How TLP does the dirty work! Go git 'em bois!