Skinner gear

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  • Skinner gear

    I don't know how you guys feel about it, so take this just as my 2c. I find Skinner gear bad, and I mean really bad.

    - the poison ability is nice and all, but we don't really need bigger damage. On the other hand, its healing is so pathetic I don't know why it tries, and by taking it, you also miss any sort or energy regen ability (since no ability on skinner gear has such, unless you pick good old out-of-combat-heal ability and ignore poison, can't have both)

    - I get that you said you want the gathering bonus to accumulate after you EQUIP the items. It says so in the description. But for the love of god, why does it reset on each death, relog, or changing zones? Not to mention you don't even have to bother with it, as until later tiers, it's effect is so low in T4 you most likely won't even notice any difference.

    - Wearing it doesn't seem to level leather armor related destinies at all, or anything else for that matter (at least haven't noticed anything going up).

    Suggestion 1
    - fix stacking of the gathering bonus so that it actually resets only in the instance it says it does

    Suggestion 2
    - swap poison ability with an ability from head or feet armor, so you don't have to sacrifice any and all healing and energy regen, should you choose to pick it up. It's totally useless against anything that doesn't drop leather after all, so it's not like it would be terribly OP that way.
  • Hai. I agree, that bonus should NOT reset as it resets now (I often even dont' understand why it reset - e.g. one piece resets, other two sit at 10 stacks and I was not changing gear in last hour).

    As for Poison itself, I guess it's one of the best abilities on gather gear (btw. all other gather gears should have something similar as all of them have their mobs they need to kill and without bonuses from chestpiece they sacrifice it ranges from 'tedious' to 'impossible'). You may not feel it now, but once you hit higher tier of hide mobs, you will be happy to have it. Extra healing (not so much resists as hide mobs do mainly phys. damage), and extra damage really help there. Frankly, I was able to kill T6 rhinos faster with same weapon and gather gear than in my pvp gear (with poison from Mage Cowl). It basically makes up for your lost passives + some bonuses.
  • Destabilizator wrote:

    The poison is the best ability from all the gatherer gears. None of your skills can match the damage, so idk what you need energy for. Not like you can do massive mambojumbo AoE, as the spawns are hardly full.

    Out of combat HP regen is also pretty good and tops you up before you skin your victims.
    Agreed, I find myself usually just putting on the Skinner Chest, then leaving PvP gear on for Head/Boots... simply because I only need the poison to kill things real fast and it's a question of an additional 5% skinning gather rate or getting a ton of fame for my head/boot slots... and I prefer the latter.

    I'd say the chest is fine (if not OP), but the Skinning boots/helm could use some loving. I don't really find them particularly useful at least at adept level. Once the gathering rate gets higher at high tier, that might make it worthwhile.
  • RockLobster wrote:

    Destabilizator wrote:

    Well the shoes have boss GTFO ability, it lasts 15s (!) with added bonus that you dump the aggro and if enemy chases you through animals, they all go for him ;)
    Agreed, but even with that, I find the only reliable way to escape an unfavorable PvP situation is to be next to your horse and mount up before you get engaged.
    Yes of course, but it's much better escaping through mobs and being chased through them, while they don't attack you and if you are lucky, will stop the chaser's gallop ;)
    Vertor et revertor.