Better late than never!

    • Better late than never!

      Hello guys,

      after playing the game and using the forums for more than one and a half weeks I’d like to introduce myself finally.
      Though some of you might know me because of the several posts I’ve made the past two weeks.

      My name is Dominique, also known as Tenroh in many games, and I absolutely love Albion Online.

      I’m 25 years old and I live in Germany. The latter is the reason why I fail sometimes at the English language.

      I first heard about Albion Online after Fevir’s first video about this game back in September 2014.

      After watching his video my attention was driven towards Albion Online immediately and after a few days I bought the Legendary Founders Pack.

      That said I must say that I’ve never really played any Alpha or Beta stage of this game for too long because I didn’t want to burn out before the final release.

      Now that the game has finally launched I really enjoy the PvE side of it.
      Also, I really like to gather resources and crafting my own equipment. It kinda got a passion of mine to craft my own equipment since the release :D . I don't know why but I really don't like to equip the stuff which was crafted by other people.

      At the moment I’m a solo player but it is very likely to change in the future because of a friend I’ve met in the forums :) .

      Yeah and that’s it I guess. I hope you are doing well and we will meet ingame. Feel free to whisper me ;) .

      Kind regards,


      Ingame: Tenroh | Gatherer & Crafter

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