Did I make a mistake by buying island in T1 city instead of Caerleon?

  • Did I make a mistake by buying island in T1 city instead of Caerleon?

    I have regrets about not buying island in Caerleon. T1 city farm materials market prices are so damn terrible. I barely make any profit and whenever I go to Caerleon to check prices there the same mates are sold almost 2x higher. Fuck me. :(

    Is there even a point of the non-Caerleon cities?
  • I think a city outside of Caerleon is good, when your Guild has its Island in a different location.

    So you can bring your farming supplies easyer on the guild island.

    Guilds can be self suppliers and have no need for good market prices in the public market. So its more important to have a good location for your Guilds plans. Maybe as near as possible to the zone you want to fight for?

    And timezone could be a reason to go to an other city.. Bridgewatch for example has many zones with raid times in the german timezone.

    But T1... hmm yea.. i would say a T1 location is pretty useless. Unless u want to sell low tier stuff to noob players? But dont get frustrated... You can farm the money for a city quite fast with a group of random players in one of the dungeons.

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  • You can demolish the buildings (if any) and abandon the island. If you didn't upgrade it, you will only lose, what, 10k? It might be worth abandoning. I agree that a T1 island might be useless.

    Regarding cities outside Caerleon: I think that other cities, such as Fort Sterling, are very valuable. There is a huge player base and a whole other market. But I guess it depends on what you want your end game to be.