Breeder issue

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  • Breeder issue

    Hi everybody.

    Recently I some post about how unfair mount market is.

    I explain, you had to buy baby for 12k5/35k/115K (T3/T4/T5)... and only sold the mount for half or third of the price.

    But we forgot that we can add the price of the saddle who is part of the lost too.

    And when you look at how the game work, most lower price mount are from pk who sold the result of their hunt.

    Everyday a breeder raiser can make 9/18/27 or more on island (and we have more and more mount breeder). But player don't change their mount everyday, unless they upgrade it or (for few) die in red/black zone, they keep it for long.

    So the market is overflowed by new mount, unsold mount AND stole mount.

    As you can see, it will pretty hard for newcomer to go for this job. It's not worth and need time you can't reduce (breeding time)

    Can we have a solution for this ?

    Mine are : high % destruction drop for pk, lower baby price...

    PS :
    The issue may be the same for item crafter but without the constraint of time.
  • This makes sense actually. The fixed prices for farmables don't translate well when the product is lootable, like a horse. Or really anything that has a fixed silver cost.

    Unfortunately that's the way this game is probably going to stay as you can't artificially create demand for a product in high supply and I don't really see them changing the system at this point.
    My advice would be to use your farms to get into a more profitable farming niche such as PVP food. Make some money, buy up the lower cost mounts and sell them at markup for a profit.
    Take it further and start a horse cartel guild with the same goals and pool your resources. #MakeMountsExpensiveAgain

    I also wouldn't mind seeing higher trash rates for mounts. You are correct, as people PVP more and more mounts become plentiful and thus devalued.

    Edit: And I think a lower baby price will just reduce the value of your mounts even further, unfortunately.

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  • If they really wanted to help you guys out they could create NPC sell orders that fluctuate prices based on global supply and demand, similar to what EVE online does.

    However that could just create a feedback loop, you get a surge of horses of a certain tier and they just become increasingly not profitable to raise.
    But as I mentioned an organized economic cartel could easily come in and make an opportunity out of such a situation.