Seasons in Albion Online

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  • Seasons in Albion Online

    What i would like in Albion Online is the suggestion below.

    Let's have seasons in the game based on real life.

    Why not make every 3 months a buff for the seasons we have now for example:

    Winter : 10% extra yield for ore.
    Spring: 10% extra yield on animals
    Summer : 10% extra yield on stones
    autumn : 10% extra yield for trees

    (percentage are my idea, play with it )

    And also add these features for your island.. give extra types of boosts based on the current season.

    This also changes the economy, especially if you make the percentage up to 100%.

    It would migrate people all over the map, based on what their main profession is.. this would stale down the population and keep things fresh.

    What do you guys think? :thumbup:
  • Ok, lets use a professional skinner for example. is he going to choose another profession when pelts are out of season? probably not if that's what he's choses to do.

    also, if everyone migrated to mountains for the extra ore % ore would be worthless but the skins would be a goldmine... people wouldn't be moving.

    another problem. islands are not portable, people aren't going to move every couple months just because they get a small bonus to gather something they don't even gather...

    I gather all 5 resources and eventually will have islands in 3 different biomes for easy refining before transporting back to home city. Someone in my position would love to see a bonus to any of them at any time, but the majority only gather 1 or 2 things.