[Guide] Spreadsheet to calculate needed Fame for crafting

  • [Guide] Spreadsheet to calculate needed Fame for crafting

    Hello guys!

    I've heard the question "How many items of X will I need to craft?" many times since the launch of Albion Online. Either somebody asked that question in the Global Chat or in the Forums, so I wanted to share my work with you.

    Last week I've made myself an Excel spreadsheet which calculates exactly that. I simpy was tired of getting the calculator out.
    Today I've made an Online Version of this spreadsheet using Google Docs and I thought that maybe somebody of you could need this.

    Everybody is allowed to edit or download this spreadsheet. I only protected the header, the example and the cells which contain the formulas, so nobody can mess with them.

    I've created two documents within this spreadsheet so you could pick whether you want to progress your character with the use of LP or without the use of LP.
    You can switch the documents by using the tabs at the bottom of the screen.

    Though I guess that the example in row #4 within the spreadsheet in enough to explain to others how to use this document, I will explain it nonetheless in this thread too.

    Basically you will need to fill out at least three cells if you want to calculate your progression.
    • First you need to check the Destiny Board for the total amount of fame which is needed to unlock the next Level or Tier. Just write that number in the column "Total Fame" down.
    • Next you need to know how many Fame is yielded by crafting one item of that type. You may need to craft one before using this spreadsheet. This number goes into the column "Fame yielded by one crafted item".
    • The last step is to check how many Fame you already gained for the task that you want to progress. This number needs to go in the column "Already achieved fame". If your Fame is 0 you can leave this column empty.
    The columns "Item", "Item type", "Tier", "Needed materials", "Completed" and "Shopping List" are completely optional but if you want to keep track of your current progression you may want to fill them out anyway.

    And that's it. The document will tell you the amount of items that you need to craft in the column "Amount of items needed to be crafted". Numbers will always be rounded up, so you might end up wasting a very few Fame-Points.

    Please use this spreadsheet with caution as I can't guarantee that the results are 100% accurate.

    I would recommend to you to download this document to use it offline or to upload it to your own Google-Account. If you use it online everybody can change your numbers and you might end up getting trolled and therefore it is possible that you waste some of your resources.

    Please be nice to each other and don't write mean things into this spreadsheet. Otherwise I will protect the whole sheet and you need to download it first in order to be able to use it.

    I would be happy if some of you could test this document and confirm that my calculations are correct. It was a long day for me, so I may got something wrong.
    Please give me your feedback! If one or more of my calculations are wrong or if you want something to be added to improve the document please tell me in this thread and I will update the spreadsheet as soon as possible.

    Link to the spreadsheet

    Kind regards,

    Ingame: Tenroh | Gatherer & Crafter

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