• Item-Inflation

    I have played Albion Online for a few days now and noticed that you do not need a Journeyman's Pickaxe to craft an Adept's Pickaxe.

    Will this not lead to an Item-Inflation of all lower Tools/Armors/Weapons? Like it is currently with all the Journeymans Stuff...

    I mean, where is the use in crafting Journeyman's stuff when you can already craft Adept's Stuff and use it for all the things you can use Journeymans's stuff for.

    Maybe the recipe of an Adept's pickaxe could, for example, be changed to 1 Jouneymans Pickaxe and two Steel Bar and six Pine Planks. Wouldn't that stop inflation on these Items?

    I saw this system in Shop Heroes and it worked quite well, at least for the time I've played the game.


  • Ok.

    You need around 8000 x 10 fame from t4 stone hammer crafting to t5 stone hammer crafting. Thats 80 000 / 120 (fame per Hammer) a total of 667 hammers to craft.

    Each player needs 140 000 fame to use a t5 stone hammer after using a t4 hammer. Lets say a player uses a t4 stone hammer for at least 8 000 fame. So he needs to buy 140 000 / 8 000 = 18 hammers.

    667 / 18 = 37

    It means 1 Toolmaker produces for 37 other Players who are not Toolmakers under the accumulation that a tool is only used for 8000 fame ofc. I used mine already for 20 000 fame.

    Albion Online has 500 000+ players. Lets say we have 680 000 players, who are no Toolmakers, wich means only 680 000 / 37 = 18 378 Players can be profitable Toolmakers for one Tool. After exeeding that number the tool will inflate.

    When time goes by, every tool below t6 will be worthless, because you have no reason to put yourself in danger for crafting it. Right?
  • That's why when i went wood gather i made sure that i could make my own gathering equipment and tools and then throw in an alt for raising horses/ox i can avoid the inflation. I see it this way... Sooner than later most people will be self sufficient and most of the lower tier items will be hard to give away. It sucks but that's the reality when add alts and lp to the game with a smaller map for gathering resources. I really like the game but some things could of been foreseen.
  • Mmm... first of all, not even more than 130.000 characters has logedin since the release start (you can check it in game, going to the bottom of the total amount of fame per character ranking), and having in mind that A LOT of player use alts, we can say that the game have not more than 100.000 real players.

    Now, as inflation contenmesure, have in mind that you can "study" items, in order to progress. So, if the cost of low tier's items decrease too much, buying them in order for study, will became a good option.
    Also, now we have the blackmarket, which work both as a silver sinkhole, and help preventing the prices on AH to devaluate too much.
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