Idea on how to combat botting

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  • Idea on how to combat botting

    I saw someone who, I'm pretty sure, was botting today. They had their mount set up near them and was going between 5 plant resources, moving to the same spot after a few seconds, even if there was no resource to harvest. Just moved on this cycle from one point to another.

    I got to thinking, if his mount disappeared after a half an hour of him not sitting on it, wouldn't that make it difficult for him to walk to the next resource when he's overloaded?

    Then I thought, well then they'd just add getting on and off the mount to the rotation. Well, you could have the mount stop working if a person has gotten on and off of it a certain amount of times (like say 50) without going anywhere. Then it makes them slow walk a ways away until they can reuse their mount. Like say 30 virtual feet.

    I dunno if it would work. I'm sure I'm missing some crucial thing here but it seems like a good idea to me.
  • Years ago we used to have a unofficial UO shard going, there to combat this type of bottling we had two systems - if it was odd hours and the person hasn't been in combat the system would send the user a prompt to answer a random question either math or multi select - kinda like some sites do for captcha today, the other system was manual in that periodically a staff member would visit the player involved for a short period and if he thought the person may have been AFK mining or something he would appear and talk to the person to confirm. In the first case the system would just kick the person off the server since bots back then didnt auto log in, in the second case the GM would issue the player with jail time.

    For Albion a combination of the first case's detection method and the second case's penalty may be a solution.