A View to a Gank: Amateur Gankers' Guide

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  • A View to a Gank: Amateur Gankers' Guide

    Hi. All I do is red zone gank. Here's my killboard: albiononline.com/en/killboard/player/TyvQ5r8cQNeWdAAjyVPJbA. I did not play in alpha/beta, so the below is only about 6 days' worth of info but I hope it will be useful. I've made about 700,000 silver and lost about 270,000 silver while ganking.

    I read often that some of you are confused/frustrated/excited/experiencing a multitude of emotions regarding the gankers in red zone. So I wanted to write you a short note and say hello.

    Before some tips/tricks and a very brief guide I'd like to just say a word about gankers and their role in content creation.

    A good game tells a story and lets you say, "I won! Great story." However, most of the time video games don't tell a story that you DESPERATELY want to tell to someone else. Like, you never want to tell someone a story about that time you were playing Balder's Gate II, even though that game was the absolute bestest ever.

    The amazing thing about Albion is that, as a sandbox game, the story is built on the random obstacles that other players place between you and your goal. Want to gather ore? Fight other gatherers. Want to sell ore? Fight other sellers.

    And overcoming these obstacles IS quite often the kind of story that you tell someone about!

    Which is where gankers come in.

    The ultimate rush in this game is the knowledge that someone very near you is coming towards you to take all your shit. I'm literally giggling as I write that because I'm feeling that rush right now. It's the worst...but here's the key...*it's also the best.* Because if you get away from me and a buddy, then that's a story you are going to really want to tell, or at least going to think about. It's a major accomplishment. You don't tell people about finishing an T5 expedition. You DO tell them about escaping or even killing a flagged player.

    Furthermore, I want to mention that much of a sandbox economy is built upon the destruction of the created materials. Guys...I am fueling your market. I am creating the need for the materials and crafts that you are producing. I am literally your sink. When I kill someone, 30% of their stuff is trashed. That means that each of my kills is giving you a major boost in need for production.

    So, my 2 arguments are:

    1. Think of me and my friends as, like, Ash from Pokemon except in real life and way more annoying and dangerous. But remember how fun it was to actually wail on Ash with Bulbasaur, who was hands down the best starter Pokemon? Yeah. It's way fun to actually have targets to fight without having to do GvG.

    2. Small gang PvP and ganking groups generate the need for your market material. About 70% of the time someone buys your boots its because I took or destroyed his.

    But enough theorizing. Let's talk strategy.

    If you want to gank (or survive gankers by reading tips, or hunt gankers by reading tips) here are some basic Albioffline tips.

    1. To start, gank in groups of 5 or more. You will not make a ton of money this way at first, but you will gain experience and catch people and it will be fun. And fewer of you are likely to die. Do this for 5-10 kills. To kill anyone, you have to be able to catch them. So someone in your group -- preferably 2 people -- should run CC. I run double-bladed quarterstaff but others are recommending pole hammer. Check them both out. You also need at least one serious DPS.

    2. After you get some experience, travel in pairs or trios and hunt singles or duos. You only need one CC and one DPS to really kill someone if the CC is skilled, and you will split the loot amongst fewer people. This is the money sweet spot.

    3. Stay mounted, and stay at gallop. GALLOP IS YOUR NEW GOD. You now worship Gallop. Do not get off your horse unless you are sure there is/are only one or two targets. If you see more than 2 players -- run. Seriously. This is a silver game, and blues are getting smarter every day. Pick...easy...targets.

    4. When you find a dismounted target(s), run right up next to them and try to get them to burn one of their speed boosts. Remember: most target are at this point totally panicking. It is your job to exploit that panic. If the person does not burn a boost, then dismount and start wailing. Make sure your CC does not spend all stuns at once -- always have one stun or slow handy.

    4. If target is mounted, attempt to direct your target into mobs. Mobs are your friends if you are chasing. Mobs are NOT your friends if you are running (more on that later).

    5. If there are no mobs, have one person dismount and hit the target to break gallop. Other players stay mounted, get ahead of horse, dismount, and break gallop again. HINT: having a ranged player be the first to break gallop is easiest and best.

    6. Once player is murdered, loot body carefully but quickly. Do not get overloaded. If you overload, you are going to die. ALWAYS CARRY HIGHEST TIER BAG YOU CAN USE.

    7. Remount ASAP. Remount ASAP. Remount ASAP. REMOUNT ASAP. Then get away from the body because the skull has notified blues where you are.

    8. Consider returning to a safe zone to store loot every 2-3 kills. Do not think "I'm on a roll, just one more." You only have to wait THREE MINUTES before you can go back into a city. I repeat -- after 3 minutes, your outlaw status goes away and you can re-enter city.

    9. If you have a lot of loot and are afraid, that's rational and OK. Consider finding a safe spot and logging out for 15 minutes. Get a drink. Text some peeps about how much fun you're having. Log back in, deflag, and safely walk back in town.

    10. Stay away from the red squares -- those are player owned watchtowers and the players that own them LOVE to bait idiots like me and you into them so that they can have their guards kill you. stay away from those zones.

    11. When you find yourself being chased by blues -- and this is inevitably and will only happen more and more -- remember: GALLOP IS YOUR GOD. 95% of the time, if you can keep gallop, you can escape. That means that your worst enemies at this point are mobs. So, either get really good at avoiding mobs, or take a risk and use the roads. The roads will have blues but remember -- at this point in the game most blues shit themselves when they see a red, and they turn around and run, so take the risk if you know that you can't go through mobs. Whatever you do, keep gallop.

    12. You have 3 escape points: boring people during the chase so they stop, getting into a town, and getting into yellow. Yellow is usually 1 or 2 zones away. Remember: you can be knocked out but not killed in yellow. YELLOW IS EASYMODE. Yellow is your friend.

    13. Be very careful of the aggressive blues, for 2 reasons. First, most people here have friends who may be close. Second, many people can actually kill me if they just grew a pair and fought. So the non-panicking people are dangerous and you should carefully consider those fights.

    14. Killing people does not give you experience on your weapons or armor. You have to PvE. But because your rep will be low, you can't do expeditions anymore which kinda sucks, until you realize that yellow and red zone camps are way more lucrative. So get your same ganking buddies and go into yellow/red unflagged and do the open world camps and dungeons and mobs.

    If people find this useful I would consider doing a slightly more advanced guide but I hope that many of you come out and start flagging up because more reds means more content, more stories, more fun, and more kills for me!

    So everyone come on down to red zone and let's have some fun. :)
  • YesNoMaybe wrote:

    10/10 Quality.

    If you ever start a guild of your own, which resolves solely around what you described in this post - I want to join!
    im his guild leader, join us and make some bank! INT Blue Screen Of Death: PVP and get paid!
    Pain or damage don't end the world. Or despair, or beatings. The world ends when you're dead. Until then, you got more punishment in store. Stand it like a man... and give some back.
  • Nice read but I don't think it is very good advice for gankers... As a miner, people often try to gank me, so far I only died 2 times while mining and it was to 5 player groups, one of each was not tagged and was just following me in gallop.

    I honestly do not think it is even possible for a 2 player party to succesfully gank a miner who knows what he is doing. I am new to the game (started 3 days ago) so I am not claiming to be a pro but the miner gear provides so much escape skills and tankiness that 2 players simply cannot kill me.

    Your advice to "stay mounted" seems really bad, mounted gankers cannot do anything. First of all any gatherer should always be near his mount, so it is *impossible* for gankers to approach me while I am not mounted because I will mount in half a second as soon as I see a red name on the edge of the screen. Now when gankers come mounted I just laugh, all they can do is try to catch up with me, dismount to break gallop and watch me run away because you have a 5-6 second cooldown on all your skills after unmounting.

    About the red squares, this is hilarious because I always farm near the red square, maybe I am lucky but whoever owns "my red zone" 's red square never attacked me, and it seems that gankers are indeed afraid of the red square which makes it a pretty safe zone to farm in the end.

    From my perspective this guide looks great to kill idiots or noobs who farm in red zones without a clue, but I guess there are many of them so in the end, it might be good advice after all :)
  • Elarahis wrote:

    I honestly do not think it is even possible for a 2 player party to succesfully gank a miner who knows what he is doing. I am new to the game (started 3 days ago) so I am not claiming to be a pro but the miner gear provides so much escape skills and tankiness that 2 players simply cannot kill me.

    No they can't, you're right. However 3-5 can and at some point the gank squads will increase as more players gain experience being ganked. And further, as he mentioned, he's not looking to kill competent players right now. There's plenty of incompetent people to go around for the next week or so.
  • Aggrolove wrote:

    Great read dude. What about solo ganking, would you advise this at all. I've read that warbow is the best solo pvp build. I also like the look of dagger pair. the burst is insane.
    I had 300+ hours on the last beta ans it was mostly solo ganking. Can't claim to be an expert of course, but the warbow is the perfect weapon for solo, as you can win 1v2 by poking or escape with your mobility.
  • Elarahis wrote:

    Nice read but I don't think it is very good advice for gankers...

    From my perspective this guide looks great to kill idiots or noobs who farm in red zones without a clue, but I guess there are many of them so in the end, it might be good advice after all :)
    I disagree with your first and agree with the last sentence. A guide should usually show entry level steps for beginners and those should focus on easy goals. And if they try to gank you and you got away, at least they didn't die and learned something from it.
  • Elarahis wrote:

    Kappatronic wrote:

    red zone ganking lul. t3 and t4 gankers with donkeys and t3 horses. killing gatherers and noobs doesnt count bruh. come to the black zone .
    Actually red zone ganking takes a lot more skill because you can't really zerg like in black zones. 20+ people killing 1 gatherer in black zones are pretty much noobs themselves.
    takes skill to kill gatherers?AY LMAO
    a fair fight for me is when people are more than us. Then they actually have a chance to stay alive.