My personal experience and feedback after the first week

  • My personal experience and feedback after the first week

    Good job SBI...

    ... no really! I think you've done an amazing job so far!
    There were so many toxic people writing posts the past week that I thought you guys could need some kind words.

    First and foremost I'm aware that there are perhaps some people getting mad because of my post. I'm aware that somebody could tell me that I'm a fanboy. I'm aware that there maybe will be someone who will call me a liar.
    But I don't care.

    My personal launch experience was awesome.
    It all began last year with the lucky time frame where I picked my vacations for 2017. My vacation started two weeks ago and will end next week, so I was able to play the game for many hours the past week.

    So far I progressed one character nearly up to full T4 and loaded my bank with a ton of resources. With nearly full T4 I mean that I'm able to both craft and equip nearly all available piece of T4 equipment.
    At the moment I'm playing solo and I'm aware of the fact that the solo sessions and my strange need to craft my own equipment slowed my progress down.
    But I had so much fun anyways that there is no need to change something regarding my play style at the moment.

    So far I haven't encountered any major bugs and for most of the time the game runs really smooth for me. I don't care what others will tell you, but I think that you handled everything very well so far.
    I'm also a big fan of your good communication with the community and the fast responses that most people get when they need help.
    I absolutely love the visuals of the game and the UI. I love the gameplay and the mechanics of the game. I also really like to explore the different zones and biomes because I think they are designed very well.
    I also like that you guys do listen to the community.

    I've never played much in the alpha and beta stage because I wanted to experience Albion as a new game once it launched.
    I wasn't active on the forums until the launch either. But I was always reading the blog and checked the forums regularly for new updates and features. I noticed that you guys always wanted to make everybody happy even though that is impossible.

    I played many MMO's for the past 13 years and never before I saw a team which put so much effort in their project. You guys did so much right. Sure, not every decision was flawless but I think that you guys will work that out in the future.
    I'm sure that when the server issues are gone in a few weeks most of the community will agree with my points. It just needs a bit of time for you to work that out but in the end the solution will be good I think.

    The reason why I bought the legendary founders pack back in 2014 wasn't that I wanted to play the alpha or beta. Also, my intention wasn't the headstart or the founder items.
    I thought that this was a cool project and I wanted to support you. This was completely new to me as I never bought any founder packs or Kickstarter things before and therefore I didn't know what to expect.

    Well, I'm happy that I was one of the guys who helped funding this project because you've made an amazing game and I'm so excited for the future of Albion Online.

    Thank you Sandbox Interactive <3 !

    Ingame: Tenroh | Gatherer & Crafter