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    Eclipse Clan

    Where gaming meets community
    Est. 2010
    **Global – (NA/UK/CN) – EST**

    Who are we:

    We are EC, what that means is you belong to a group, a community, a family. We are old school gamers, we are hardcore gamers, we are role players, we are casuals, we are family, we are you. We started as a small group of friends that met in game, and through the many years we have grown our small group to a multi-gaming community. Welcome to Eclipse Clan.


    Our goal:

    EC is not bound by one game, in fact we are true gamers at heart, we thrive on excitement and we are entrapped when we find a game we love. Our focus is now on Albion, and our goal is simple. We seek to grow our community with members of every background, including hardcore and casual gamers. We do not believe in exclusiveness, in fact quite the opposite. We have modeled our group around that of a community, and we try to be as friendly and helpful as possible to new faces. As long as you are respectful and carry your own weight, you are welcome to join EC.


    ***PvP – Bane Slayers, EBG – The Builders, PvE – The Players***

    Bane Slayers:You only came to Albion for one reason, you remember the good days when banes meant war, where death meant you lost the items in your inventory. You remember when skill determined the outcome of a battle. PvP is where you shine, then Bane Slayers is your calling. Join us on the battlefield as we maintain our hold on resource nodes, and help us conquer other eternal kingdoms to strengthen our resolve!

    The Builders: Lesser beings believe strength is determined by how hard and fast you can swing the blade. But you are smarter than that, and realize war is costly, and the best guild will be the one with the coin, the one that can properly outfit their war heroes. You may not be keen on the way of the sword, but you understand architecture, crafting, and you have passion for economy. Join the builders and help EC become the empire we desire.

    The Players: You love pvp, but you also love to craft and build. You believe in balance, that a good player is one that can balance both the skill of a blade, but also knows how to manage his coin. You seek community, friendship and family. You realize with your busy schedule you will become more of a casual entity but still want to bring value to our ranks. The players is for you, you want the best of both worlds, help grow our community, help EC thrive.


    (SERVICE) ~ Eclipse Bulk Goods: EBG

    Welcome to Eclipse Bulk Goods Inc, Albion's most efficient Gathering service, YOU WANT IT? WE HAVE IT!

    Gathering Company based out of Bridgewatch with delivery services to all of Albion!

    Some of the services we provide:
    • Gathering of any resource material from T1-T7.2 (will be going up in Tiers periodically, Contact Management for special orders regarding higher tiers).
    • Transport of materials to any city of choice for a price.
    • Crafting services (contact under special services to obtain an agreement or enter our discord and contact us)
    • Need massive amounts of resources? Hit us up and we can make it happen!
    Make an Eclipse Bulk Goods order by filling out our trusted Form: ORDER HERE!


    Recent Battles:

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    Battle #7447723
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    Battle #5478264
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    Name: --> Eclipse Clan
    Main Timezone:--> US Eastern Time (EST), open to all time zones
    Recruitment Status:--> Recruitment open. Interviews are required.
    Discord:--> Discord is required for voice chat.
    Guild Focus:--> PvP Domination and Crafting Supremacy
    Guild Leader:--> PuffMagic

    EC Game Highlights:

    · H1Z1 – We joined this game as a clan, and remains our largest game played as a clan.
    We had over 50 active members playing with us on our teamspeak server.
    We maintained control over the top server Abomination – we were feared across the realm.
    · Rust – Easily our second biggest game played as a clan, this was the start off point
    for many of our still current members. We purchased, owned and moderated
    one of the top vanilla servers with anti-cheat mods.
    · Survivals – Any game that involves survival we usually swarm around, these games are our passion.
    · MOBA’s – League of legends, and DOTA 2
    · Life is Feudal – One of our main leaders will be forming a huge group when the mmo releases.
    · WoW – Yes we have a guild that actively plays WoW
    · CSGO – we have a strong following for our csgo play
    · PUBG, BF1, Overwatch, SIEGE, GTAV – Anything with guns or involves fps, we play it!


    · You must be prepared to use Discord and be logged into the Eclipse Clan discord server
    whenever you are logged into the game (Post release only).
    · You must be 18 years of age or older. This is due to the maturity of the community
    and the maturity rating of the game.
    · Understand you are joining a multi-gaming community not just a guild. If you are not open to join
    a tight-knit community, this may not be the guild for you.
    · Be an active member of the guild and contribute to guild events, raids, and so forth both pre-release and post-release.


    Join EC:

    Joining is simple: Please click here to join our Discord server. Once you join the server contact a mod using ?Mod. If you have any questions please DM here or on Discord.

    Thank you,

    Shinigami King

    The Only True Open World PvP Guild

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  • Hi Hallowed,

    HaHa ya, you guys beat me to the Name by a few beta's! We have also been known as Eclipse for about 8 years. Now we are here in Albion, and we meet another Eclipse crew :P

    I reached out to PuprleHaze on day one, I told him, with a leader named PurpleHaze, and PuffMagic, we were bound to become best friends haha. I proposed an alliance, but I am not sure he was interested. Which is fine we are with TLP now, and has proven to be quite profitable and helpful.


    Shinigami King

    The Only True Open World PvP Guild