Gold Seller Cleanup - Start of Week 2

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    • Donaramu schrieb:

      Lets be honest, 99% of the reason they care about illegal gold is because it cuts into them selling their legal gold.. xD

      Overall stealing credit card info and selling gold illegally is wrong, but don't let them trick you on why they care
      Isn't this the point of starting a business? To protect your investment and try to turn a profit while providing an obviously well-received product?

      It is the point. That is the answer.
    • so i got a pm from a gold seller and 1st thing i thought - i should report it, cuz i like the game and i want to help it be better
      but then i thought why should i help SBI if i can`t get me some help with my issue which is easily solvable in a 1 min from a single GM (One thing making Albion not a sanbox)

      guess what, i reported him
      but it`s for the community - to prevent smb buy gold grom him and get banned
      i didn`t do it for you
    • Talion schrieb:

      Hey everyone,

      quick progress report. We're not letting up when it comes to fighting people involved with illegal currency transactions. Over the weekend,we have banned more than 350 additional accounts that either sold or bought illegally (meaning: originally acquired through credit card fraud) currency.

      We will continue on this path and keep clearing Albion from the criminals - and those that enable them.

      String 'em up, I say! Nothing gets me heated more than being spam-whispered by gold-selling bots!
      "If drinking doesn't fix the problem then you aren't drinking enough!" - Hildrolf
    • PS: There's a really easy way to find gold sellers.

      1. Be a player
      2. Go to any city
      3. Wait

      Somebody will message you. They will usually be:
      1. Naked
      2. With a random keymashed name
      3. Usually with no reputation because gold sellers just buy accounts and then go straight to advertising
      If anyone has access to administration tools, simply doing spot checks on anyone who meets that criteria in any city, and then reducing it by those who have used /say /whisper or /local , should provide a very short list to visually check for offending messages.

      I can see 4 people standing in Lymhurst right now who meet that description, two of which messaged me selling gold, and have been just standing there for over an hour.



    • ZamaZ schrieb:

      I am certain nobody here will ever know what flags and what does not flag one as "fraudulent," but I think some work needs to be done on the banning filter. My main account was banned, without ever buying or selling anything on the city market for more or less then market value or ever trading anyone period that was not in guild or on my alternate account. Do you get banned for handing people in guild t5.1 so they can pvp free? I am the guild leader of a smallish guild, I try and provide and push those that cannot farm as much as I can. I sell mounts and gear for like 100 silver each ON ALTERNATE GUILD ISLAND and bought like 1300 slate/granite for well below real value ON ALTERNATE GUILD ISLAND AH with a buy order, as well as like carrots, but only from guildies that would just be giving it for free otherwise and only on my alternate guild island that I own in sterling. We have boxes that we toss and take out of on guild island, partially to make some of that handout gear, we have a feeder guild that i took donations to build up a lot. I am not certain what was the red flag, but please refine the system as some of the good is being tossed out with the bad.
      Cool story bro atleast you can take it up as a man u bought gold u got banned deal with it