Market User Interface: Ease of Use SOLUTION

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  • Market User Interface: Ease of Use SOLUTION

    This is a problem few noticed, but the solution is a benefit to all.

    Problem: The items in each market are similar, yet they are displayed as individual orders. That is silly because, quite frankly, no one cares what "Bobtheslayer" is selling if he's not offering you the cheapest price.
    Solution: Treat items the same way you treat gold. Each item has orders which are lined up in order from lowest to highest. You can still filter the same way (tier, enhancement, quality). The only difference is that when you look at the item buying page, you won't have 1000s of the same thing; you will see the item icon, it's name, some information such as lowest price, average, and how many are for sale, and you get a nice big BUY or ORDER button.

    Problem: Market Complete Orders are also 1000s of the same thing if you put in a large order.
    Solution: Just add similar items into one row.

    Problem: Every time I place a buy or sell order I am SPAMMED by the game. If I order 5000 logs, I don't want to get 1000 mail messages saying I got 2 logs from sally, 2 logs from bob, etc. This is even worse in the gold market because when I put in a 150k gold order, I get upwards of 100 mails telling me where it came from.
    Solution: Only notify the player with one message when the order is fully complete. This also makes the game just a tad bit more efficient.

    Super simple, but a huge improvement to the user experience.