Questions on community and map.

  • Questions on community and map.

    While interested in the game, currently cannot put 30 into having the game so that is on a back burner. However besides that, I feel some needed questions should be answered before buying into a game that might not be played. You might want to have videos explaining how equipment grows, where and how you begin out, and the map size and communities of guilds you could have.

    One concern is the game going bad on new players too fast. This is something you don't want to be having. Also seeing how big your world can be, are you guys basically starting the world population out in Japan for a real life metaphor question? That just isn't going to work. Can people just travel to explore only and develop in other areas of your maps?

    I thought I did hear about 10 tiers of weapons, so could someone show and explain even just one tree how to go from a tier 1 to a tier 10 and what that details and takes? These types of details can either make your game or break your game before getting off the ground up and running. While I like the overall idea, I also feel like some waiting and seeing how the game pans out over time might also be advisable.

    Also recommend just an albion trial period that cost nothing so people can figure out if the control and game play style is even worth their interest. It seems a little bit like a Diablo fighting style, but not fully sure. Comment and feedback would be awesome. Also hope these points help in some decision of keeping the game up and running.