<Lore> - A Community Focused Guild [Fort Sterling]

  • <Lore> - A Community Focused Guild [Fort Sterling]

    Please read this entire post if you want to apply to the guild. It is a one time read and helps keep everyone on the same page. Please and thank you!

    About <Lore>
    With a game like Albion Online, having people to play with is one of the most important aspects of the game. There is a vast amount of ways to play the game, so the idea of doing everything yourself would be impossible. Crafters, gatherers, builders, or those who love to do battle, they all can work together and help each other achieve their goals.

    The problem with Albion Online is that the game can be a lot to handle at times. You have to unlock many aspects of the game. It is one thing to unlock a tier in gathering, but also another to be able to craft with the resource. Where should I grind fame? How do I make silver? There is just so much to learn and do, but nobody directly wants to take on the job of teaching everyone. The idea of this guild is to be a close community that can help each other and live up to the standard of being called a guild.
    Guild Information:
    Guild Island Location: Fort Sterling
    Guild Tax: 10%
    Crafting Station Tax: 10% (15% for recruits - Benefits for becoming a member)
    Reasoning on the Tax: <Lore> will provide full access to every crafting station available in the game, while maintaining as high as possible tier of the stations. This takes thousands of materials and hundreds of thousands of silver in order to continue to progress the upgrades of the guild. The 10% tax will go purely to upgrading the guild and nothing else.

    This helps everyone in the guild have a place to craft, while still helping the guild.
    <Lore> does not want to prohibit anyone from being themselves, but at the same time we don't want everyone to have zero consideration for others. As such, we have a few rules and standards in place.
    • Absolutely no racism, sexism, religious talk, or political talk in the guild. Everyone has different opinions in life, but we don 't judge anyone based on their life decisions, race, or sex, but simply but your actions in Albion Online. Simply put, just try and be mature in your approach of being social. You are free to curse/swear as much as you like, simply try your best to speak in a way that won't offend others.
    • Absolutely no cheating or botting while in the guild. Anyone caught doing so will be reported and removed from the guild instantly.
    • Don't be the "One-up" player. Everyone is free to go at their own pace and play how they want. This type of behavior is unnecessary and has no place in this guild. It doesn't matter if you are an elitist in your playstyle, but understand not everyone shares this mindset.
    • Last, but certainly not least, is to try and pull your own weight. Begging members to craft everything for you and do everything for you will get old fast. Just respect each other and have fun.
    Upon joining the guild you will be in the recruit rank. The recruit rank will last 1-2 weeks, which is based on how much you play the game.
    All recruits will have a 15% Tax on all the Guild Island stations. Once you become a member, all of the Tax on the stations will be lowered to 10%.

    (Please note that members and above will still see 15% Tax while on the island, but that is just a bug and you will notice the price drop to 10% when interaction with the stations)

    The Guild Island has every crafting station available and are all currently rank 4-5. They are available for all members of the guild, but as stated earlier the recruits have 5% bonus Tax, until they become full members.
    Joining the guild:
    Please submit your information in the comments below with the following:

    Character Name:
    Type of character (Crafter/Gatherer/PVP/etc):
    Time played per day/week:
    Reason for wanting to join the guild:
    Also, if you have a friend or family member that wants to join, they must read this point and apply as well. It keeps everyone on the same page and helps everyone understand the rules.
    If you have already submitted an application in this post, message one of the officers telling them that you submitted an application. (To get your invite faster)
    Officers: (More to come)
    Tiktaks - Vanquesse

    :thumbsup: Thank you and have fun everyone! :thumbsup:

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  • Character Name: Sorinz
    Type of character (Crafter/Gatherer/PVP/etc): PVP
    Time played per day/week: 3 hours a day, usually more
    Reason for wanting to join the guild: sounds like a fun guild with a good community that would be worth joining :3
  • Character Name: Toumar
    Type of character (Crafter/Gatherer/PVP/etc): PvE, crafting/gathering. Specializing in mage right now, happy to play any role
    Time played per day/week: casual, several hours per week. daytime and evenings EST
    Reason for wanting to join the guild: Looking for a social group to game with, missing that experience from past MMO days.
  • Character Name: Eatmypro
    Type of character (Crafter/Gatherer/PVP/etc): Gatherer
    Time played per day/week: 4+ hours a day.
    My honest reason for joining is that it sounds like you have a pretty dope guild island that I want to be apart of and able to improve. I'm also a newish player with an empty friends and hoping you guys can change that!

  • Character Name: GiCmo
    Type of character (Crafter/Gatherer/PVP/etc): PVE/Gatherer, want to eventually focus on PVP
    Time played per day/week: 1-2 hours / day
    Reason for wanting to join the guild: Really new to the game, have been enjoying solo so far until tier4 - want to learn much more and start PVP :)