Please add "cast queuing". The lack of this common feature gives a really big disadvantage to players with higher pings.

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    • Please add "cast queuing". The lack of this common feature gives a really big disadvantage to players with higher pings.

      I've been running with a frost build that relies heavily on casting speed. At some point I noticed that the math wasn't adding up so I investigated a little. Normally MMO:s have a casting queue feature that allows you to continuously cast spells without having any gaps between spells. So if you press the key while the first spell is casting it will queue up the next one and by the time the first spell has finished casting the game server knows you want to follow it up with another one. Albion Online seems to lack this feature completely. I have about 130ms of latency and between each of my casts I have to wait for that period of time before I can cast the next one. I asked some of the American players and someone told me he had around 30ms of latency. This 100ms difference might not seem like much, but in my build it is's actually quite a big deal.

      In my build frostbolt casting time is about 0.5 second most of the time. With my latency that translates to an actual cast time of 0.63 seconds. So an American player running the same build would have a cast time of 0.53 seconds. A player with 300ms latency (Australian maybe?) would have a cast time of 0.8 seconds.

      So the American would roughly deal damage 18% faster than me and 50% faster than the high ping player.

      With the scholar robe skill I can decrease the casting time to 0.33 seconds for 8 seconds. If we run the same comparison now the American is dealing damage roughly 28% faster than me and a whopping 90% faster than the high ping player.

      Here is a video of the build in action. If you look at the cast bar it doesn't immediately disappear once full and lingers for a split second. I also tested this out with a Australian VPN server. I had 500ms of latency and the effect was much more noticeable. I even counted the frames using recorded footage and a video editing software. The delay matched the latency pretty accurately in both cases. If any Americans are running this type of build I'd love to know if you notice any delays between casts.

    • If anyone was at the big Inis Mon battle yesterday this issue was very noticeable since the zone was very laggy due to several hundred people fighting. While the lag was making everyone's life harder it was no where near as bad as it was for people using casting builds. It was pretty pointless to even try to cast anything when there was a 1 or 2 second wait between each cast. I basically ended up using only my CD abilities for the most part. One of our healers said he felt completely useless since he had a staff that focused on spells using cast time.

      In my opinion this is a very big issue that needs to get addressed by the developers. I realize that it's not possible to make the game completely fair for people with higher pings. However this is something that is fixable and has a big impact on balance.

      I might record some video later to try to illustrate why this is such a big issue by comparing casting speed and auto attack builds. I realize that just typing in numbers might not be the most convincing way.
    • Here is the comparison video of casting vs. auto attacking. Please don't pay attention to the damage done. My character is a caster and all of the gear is for that purpose. A proper archer using a autoattack build would attack faster and hit harder.

      Left side of the video is very high ping (around 520ms)

      Right side of video is medium ping (around 130ms)

      In the archer comparison both high and low ping players get 16 arrows in during the timeframe. The lower ping player does pull ahead slightly, because the hits are registering at different times due to the ping difference. This is affecting the time when the players receive the attack speed buff from the skill enchanted arrows. Overall both players are dealing roughly the same amount of damage. There is very little difference.

      In the caster comparison the lower ping players does about 14 casts in the timeframe and the high ping player does only 8. Both do 183 damage per hit so the lower ping player does 2562 damage and the high ping player does 1456. That is a huge difference.
    • 100% OP.

      Cast Queuing really needs to come soon.

      Same with a toggle for Smart Casting - at least for some abilities. It feels clunky to have to push E, then aim certain abilities, then push E again. I've had some issues where I wanna shoot the ability fast, but it doesn't seem to register my 2nd E push because it was too quick... and I have to push it a 3rd time.