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  • The best solution would be to enlarge the world. It is really too small. It already was in Beta, now it s just impossible. And making one capital in the center will be a madness :(
    You said you are waiting people to leave. Yes, they will, and some already have. Not because of the game/gameplay (the game is very good), but because of too much people. So, yes maybe with time when we will be tired of fighting 10 on a mob, or a node., we will forget Albion... It s sad, but it was your call.
  • Have yall thought about doing an instance of each zone so that if population exceeds X amount you create a new instance of that zone. This would work great for cities and some of the more populated zones. As it sits right now it is next to impossible to harvest anything effectively with close to 200 people in the zone. I look forward to when things get upgraded thank you for the update on this frustrating situation..
  • Bodona schrieb:

    I kinda wonder why number three wasen't tested.
    I'm quite sure that if you asked everyone to join the test server or normal server (back in beta) to test having 1000 people in a single zone you would easily get the 1000 people required :)
    or just realize that every mmo launch ever outside of WoW expansions has the same thing and every pr excuse is the same, the devs just don't want to (understandably) shell out a bunch of extra money to buy or fix the game for the first month of launch when they know (like every other mmo) that the population will be less than a third of what it is at launch a month later.
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    1100 in a zone starts lagging?we had 100vs100 fights and the lag was insane and the disconnects. lol
    There is a difference between players in a city and players fighting in the same screen, as the amount of data transmitted gets crazy.There is also a strong limit to how many players can fight in the same screen without lag, and, to our knowledge, there is no game that can surpass it - Eve Online being a special case to an extent as each player does very little in a fight in terms of movement, abilities used, etc, hence much less data is created per player compared to Albion. On top of that, they slow down "time" if fights get very large, which is something we might also look into in the future.

    When it comes to game design, you will note that we always make sure that multiple PvP objectives are available at the same time, hence encouraging the player base to naturally split between them as it is more rewarding to do so. There are some exceptions to this, for example, if a territory is dropped, etc. Here, from a game design point of view, this is something we will do further work on.
    @Korn - there needs to be more 10v10 and more 20v20 full loot instance based options. IE. Could you walk up to a war camp in the world with 10 people and pay 1 mill silver to enter a team. You are qued until another team does this and 20 people are teleported to the fight using the war camp chest they qued at. Winning team gets 1.5 mill and 500k goes into silver sink. Please consider projects like this to bring back good guild pvp without lag.
    Regarding open world... I'm not sure what is going to be done about this. we know all castle fights will be zerged by our enemy. That means we are going to bring150- 200 and prepare for a turn based auto attack lag fest. The game is best with small group pvp.. it has lost it since beta 1. We started to see larger and larger Zergs with alliance system. There is only one solution.... Add fishing to the game so less people show up to fight.
    Who had 4.5k members in their alliance?
  • @Korn @BercilakWell why not just put the same map you had at Galahad up. I mean you had more dungeons and zones then. You were complaining it was too big and there wasn't that much player interaction because of it and shrunk it down. Now you have the problem that There's too much congestion. Sounds like you created the congestion cause you wanted to insure PvP and player interaction in Hector. it might help.
  • How about creating more expedition like content?
    - PVE for 10 - 20 Players
    - PVP Battlegrounds / Islands with/without full loot
    - PVP Team machtes like Arena in WoW

    I also think you should create some no risk/no reward/no rep loss PVP content apart from duels. A place, where beginners can learn and practise PVP or just PVP for fun...
  • Darkmane schrieb:

    Why not create a new server
    Anything else would be better than that.

    Staati schrieb:

    I also think you should create some no risk/no reward/no rep loss PVP content apart from duels. A place, where beginners can learn and practise PVP or just PVP for fun...
    I remember reading somewhere that they wanted to make some kind of 1v1 arena type thing, can really give you a source for it though.
    -- Quote me if you want a response! --
  • I just don't get it why you don't allow players to have separated instances in cities. They are so crowded that you almost everytime see only yourself and some weird glitches like ability effects, a few mounts or levitating NPCs.

    And when you want to trade with your party member, you have to leave the city. Total nonsense. Plus the horrible performance in these zones.

    I'd be happy if I could get rid of every player in city zones(and crafting zones) except of party/guild members. I bet it would save a lot of server traffic and improve performance for clients. Opt-in/out option would be great.

    Even in EVE you don't have to see every f. ship in the station.
  • No boost in resources is needed, I and many others did just fine and if you boost it more then the market will be flooded so instead let the players grind like i did or use the market. Yes on needing new cities and while you're at it rethink the resource locations because it seems like its too close to each other or each place can really get every resource so it kills the point of me traveling to deliver wood,etc... Just take a look at the game only after a week and how fast people are progressing and then look again in a month.... Longevity is needed not quickness.
  • Galenmereth schrieb:

    b0unc3r schrieb:

    Please only do NOT split server into regional ones...
    As a european that has to concede the upper hand to my american counterparts in PvP because of vast latency differences, I beg to differ. If there's enough people in both regions, please do split into eu and us servers.
    I am in France and have better latency than my friend from Canada... I guess it helps that we both have fiber optics.

    More importantly where exactly is the server located? I waS always under the impression they were located in Europe seeing as SI is based out of Europe.
  • Korn schrieb:

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    So in the end the zvz open world situations are just gonna be on who has the most numbers and the most aoe?that was not the case in betas.We had a small fight vs one guild in territory zvz. Lag was ok. could use skills could kite could dodge. Then big zerg guild comes and everyone just sees screenshots. oh well
    No, that's not what we are saying. The game is designed in such a way that it should never be "worth it" to bring so many players to a single fight. Take PvP chests for example: if there is enough of them, and they come online at the exact same time, than there is a natural incentive to split up for maximum rewards. The same holds true for castle fights. And the same holds true for "normal" zones, as if there is too many players in them at the same time, there won't be enough mobs and resources to farm.
    Having said that, there are a few cases where this principle is not true, such as when a territory is dropped by a guild and becomes available for capture in the open world. This is something we'll look into.
    don't forget war camps
  • It is unacceptable to play a game that requires quick reaction, when some people have ping 10ms-40ms and rest 100ms-300ms

    - much easier for people living in America

    - there is a big difference between ping 30 and 100ms

    - people with 150ms and more have a lot less chance of fighting

    This is not the year 2000 where everyone had pings 100ms,. we have 2017 and on EU serwers i have 15-35ms,
    In Albion Online i have 100-140

    And so it feels all the time delay