Couldn't Jump On Horse While Being PKed

  • Couldn't Jump On Horse While Being PKed

    Hi all,

    Not a complaint - fine kill, I just wanna understand what happened here.

    Situation: I was attacking a bear, my horse right beside me, when a PK appeared on the screen. I thought I was fast, but he was very fast - I clicked my mount, but he leapt halfway across the screen and stunned me. I tried clicking my horse after the stun, it said: "You cannot mount now". I'm still new at the game and didn't really have a Plan B other than keep trying to click, shit myself, then die... wondering why the fuck my Tier 4 horse that I bought specifically to avoid these kinda situations was seeming to mock me as I died at its hooves.

    Now, it's my mistake that I wasn't on the horse before he was on me and I deserved to die for it... but my understanding of the rules was I was absolutely allowed to re-mount as long as I didn't initiate the combat (as the mount vanishes otherwise).

    In the future, if I have another brain fart and let a melee get on me, is it fight or flight time... or did something glitch and I should have been allowed to at least attempt to mount?
  • I'm not sure what force combat mode is, but I definitely figured it out what happened here. A trifecta of things went wrong.

    1.) I couldn't mount up until he was on me because of the bear I was fighting. Bears make me bleed. Any damage seems to interrupt the process.
    2.) He was claws. He disrupted me and locked me down. I'm starting to think the stun wasn't over, so that's why I was getting the message: "You cannot mount up now"... because I was hard CCed.
    3.) The combination of the bear, his damage and his lockdown just kept me rooted until I was dead.

    Lessons learned: When hunting for skins in a Red Zone... use the Skinner set tools to keep the mob away from you, so you can fast mount the second a PK comes.