Too much players in every zone to enjoy game​

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    Pro tip. Get off the pleb royal island.
    Or just make royal island bigger.
    the world is big enough. People need to just spread out. Too many people are playing this game that shouldn't because they can't hang with full loot pvp. The population will drop significantly in the coming weeks.
    Players are always going to cluster around a market where they can sell there stuff a make profit.I was chatting on another thread and someone mentioned there used to be another city in the beta queens or something that had same issues with people clustering around that city. Having more cities, and a system where the formation of a central "Jita like" market is not possible, at least not over a lengthy period of time, could be a way to solve the distribution of players problem. Takes some outside the box thinking, but tying markets together on a rotation, or under conditions could create the pressures for people to move around a bit - there needs to be an incentive for a individual as well as a guild.
  • Dragnon, I get what you're saying but it's a bit of both issues. I've been taking my time since the release so I'm just getting to the point where I can mine T5 ore. This weekend I tried to get out in some red zones and 3 out of 3 times I got ganked by 15+ reds roaming within a couple minutes. By the third time I had even "peeked" into 4 different red zones to see if there was one with less than 20 active hostiles and not one. Fort Sterling was averaging around 1300 people the whole time I was playing. As such, it felt barely playable. Tonight however, Fort Sterling was averaging in the mid 600s and I made several successful trips out to the red zones. Even got in a little PvP action. It felt like how the game was meant to be and it was a blast.

    I don't think they need a second EU server (although if they go that route, please keep it to just two) but it would be nice if they were zones that dynamically popped into and out of the game based on the population in that area. That way they could keep their ideal zone populations regardless of how many people are on. Otherwise they will constantly be fighting between overcrowding on the weekends and the game feeling empty during the week.