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  • Really like these! More people should know about them.

    Can I suggest that you add a button to "Give Feedback" on each article in case we see that information is missing? I see a comments section, but doubt anyone will read that.

    I think these types of guides are really important to help new folks learn the game. The current wikis out there on the web have awesome information, but I feel like there are too many of them and you dont know which one is really the "go to" one.

    Either that, or designate one of the existing Wiki's as the "Semi official" one.
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  • Hello,

    Is there a guide about GvG?

    There seems to be a total obscurity about this Core feature of the game..

    I mean how does it all work? What are the Red arrows we see on the map? What does one need to do in a Warcamp? How to invade Outland territory?

    How to timers schedule of battles work?

    What are the rulesets in battle? 5v5 20v20?

    Are there special considerations to take under account? Victory conditions or ranking rules etc?

    Did I miss this Guide somewhere?

    I am surprised somewhat not to be able to find information on this.... it is nice that we are getting an Arena for people to practice 5v5 combat that they can then use for GvG but..all people I have asked about this have no clue..

    I did search for it, but all info is outdated in all of the Albion Wikis and Player made info sites and no official guide on this.

    What is missing here? Is GvG only for Alpha/Beta testers?

    Appreciate some direction here or some link,

    Thank you kindly,

    PS: all the other guides are great here, albeit most of the content was discovered intuitively and via just trial and error playing the game :) Still I use them for new comers to the game.
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