[GRD] Guardsmen Militia [RP - PvP/PvE]

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    • [GRD] Guardsmen Militia [RP - PvP/PvE]

      CALL TO ARMS!!!

      We need good strong lads and ladies to join our ranks today!!!

      Gather your spears, bows and swords and send me a pigeon!!!

      The life of a Guardsman is a simple one: A place to call home, a hearty meal, a good battle, and the companionship of your fellow Guardsmen. All that is required of you is a willingness to RP within the framework of the guild.

      • Current Guild Tax is 10%
      • Guild Island currently under construction (Fort Sterling)
      • Your basic gear will be provided to you, dependent upon rank
      In Albion we will escort caravans, guard gatherers, patrol areas, go on expeditions to dungeons and anything else you can think of. There will be an element of PvP, but done in a way that means you lose very little if you die. The life of a Guardsman is a simple existence unadorned by items and wealth. Get in on the ground level and help shape this guild around the world of Albion!

      One thing that you'll find very different here is that you choose the lifestyle of a Guardsmen. That means a uniform and a set of weapons. You cannot simply rock up in your gear of choice. Your uniform is provided (ie a standard set of gear for everyone). This can vary as you can specialize for a certain branch of the Militia, but the principle is based on being a unit.

      Citizens, Scouts, and Priests are also welcome!

      Trainee/Recruit = T3 to T4 Soldier Gear and Tier 2 Cloak, using T3 weapons (swords, axes, maces, bows etc)
      Footman/Member = T3 to T4 Knight Gear and Tier 3 Cloak, using T4+ weapons (swords, axes, maces, bows etc)
      Officer = T4+ Guardian Gear and Tier 4 Cloak, using T4+ weapons (swords, axes, maces, bows etc)

      Scouts Division
      Trainee/Recruit = T3 to T4 Leather Armor Gear and Tier 2 Cloak, using T3 weapons (swords, axes, maces, bows etc)
      Footman/Member = T3 to T4 Mercenary Leather Gear and Tier 3 Cloak, using T4+ weapons (swords, axes, maces, bows etc)
      Officer = T4+ Mercenary Leather Gear and Tier 4 Cloak, using T4+ weapons (swords, axes, maces, bows etc

      Can use a mage staff so long as the stay away from “dark magic” (likely should use Priest Staff or Tome Fighter)

      Can be basically any type of crafter, so long as you can roleplay it (Blacksmith, Cook, Farmer)

      Essentially anyone can use a mount however, again, you must be able to role play it! (NO giant stags, wolfs, or unearthly mounts)

      For anyone out there who doesn't know the history behind this and wants a great roleplaying experience or maybe something a little out of the ordinary on an alt, let me give you a bit of info on GRD:
      GRD was the guild abbreviation for a pure roleplaying guild in Ultima Online (UO). The guild was the Guardsman Militia.
      The theory behind it was pure role play in a Militia style guild. The emphasis was on the simple life of a Guardsman. People signed up as a Trainee and would move through various ranks whilst carrying out Guardsman duties in an RP environment. GRD distrusted magic and its use was forbidden. The trusty sword and shield, halberd, or bow were the weapons of choice.
      A community was formed around a city in UO (Yew) where a township of buildings was built up. Many joined as Guardsmen and we would patrol, kill monsters, and do events. Some joined as Townsfolk or Citizens, rather than Guardsmen, and carried out gathering or crafting roles. We can do that in Albion too as we need farmers to raise crops and livestock as well as gatherers to provide crafters with materials.

      If you're interested in joining the Guardsmen, you can find us here:
      Discord: discord.gg/qenSq8B
      Contact Eligius (GM) or Grimmoch in-game
      UO Website w/ Albion content to come: guardsmenmilitia.com/index.php?about&militia

      Oi! Citizen!
      Looking for a Roleplay Guild? The Ironguard

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    • Tonight the Rangers of Celidon, The Iron Circle, and The Guardsmen Militia Have all gathered to form a Strong Alliance to protect the Lands of Albion from Evil. As we all gathered together Lord Ridrith of The Iron Circle, Lord RangerDovefalcon of the Rangers of Celidon, and Lord Eligius of The Guardsman Militia have spent numerous time on an mutual agreement towards the Greater Good of Albion and its people. We have all agreed to seal this agreement in the form of writing in our Alliances Parchment. The Parchment was read to all that was willing to listen and gain the true understanding of the will of the Alliance. Some fight for coin, Some fight for honor, but in the end of the day we all fight for the People of Albion!
      We now stand United! Stronger and Mightier than ever before! Together Let us Take up Arms and fight for the poor and weak! Albion needs Heros Like you! Enlist in our ranks and join the Fight!
      Long Live The Guardsman Militia! Long Live The Alliance!!!

    • Long ago, the Guardsmen Militia fought simple, everyday battles for justice in Yew of old Britannia, everything from helping a young adventurer find their lost cat, to taking down Dragons and murderous gangs.

      Now, led by one of their senior members, they are reforming a chapter in the rich but dangerous new lands of Albion! Do you have what it takes to survive these untamed lands, to serve the waves of colonists pouring into Albion, and protect the weak? Who will tip the scales against the opportunistic villains hiding in their island lairs, or the thuggish brigands forever condemned to roam the lawless Outlands?

      The Guardsmen Militia will need strong warriors and colonists to join them in their crusade to bring law and order to every corner of Albion.

      Do you have what it takes?