Recruitment - Make Albion Great Again

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  • Recruitment - Make Albion Great Again

    Greetings fellow Albion players!

    We, Make Albion Great Again, are a small but friendly guild who are
    determined to leave an impact! We generally participate in both PvE and
    PvP when possible and strive to help each other out to advance tiers. We
    have T4+ buildings on our island as well. All of us speak English as
    either as first or second language and most of us are PST/EST time zones
    - however, we do have several international guildies so that isn't a
    requirement. We give advice to newcomers when possible, so don't be
    afraid if you are brand new - we cater to you as well!

    If you'd like to join us and help Make Albion Great Again - feel free to
    reply to this thread leaving your Timezone and general availability for
    an invite! Or add 'Illyium' or 'Skelecta' in-game.

    P.S. Our guild uses this channel for communication.