The Bloody Misfits an Economy focused guild is recruiting now.

  • The Bloody Misfits an Economy focused guild is recruiting now.

    We are a solid group of Misfits who are driven by one goal: Become a very prominent Economic power in the world of Albion.

    This goal can only achieved by the strong bonds we build as guild members. We are very keen on how we treat each other: with absolute honesty and respect.
    These are two qualities that we can never overlook in a potential guild member.

    We are based in Martlock a very buzzing city full of opportunities, to make silver.

    Our guild island has all the basic crafting stations. Free of charge. All we ask in return is for you to take care of the island as if it was your own. Because it will be your own, as soon you join the family.

    Do not misunderstand, we being an economy focused guild does not mean we will not pvp.
    We will draw blood to maintain our steady flow of resources and income.
    So if you love pvp as well, you are very welcome into our guild.

    We do encourage our members to enjoy the game in anyway they can.
    Just keep in mind the main goal of our guild, and lets work towards them together.

    How to Apply
    You can either apply for a membership through the ingame guild tool.
    or contact one of our officers directly.
    • Aichan
    • Saeed
    • Bra
    • Habay
    • galuga
    • NotLuke
    • Lysette
    If you have any questions ask them, they will be happy to answer you.

    See you soon in game.

    Timezones: All time zones
    Language: English
    Tax: 5%
    Crafting tax: 0%
    Discord Channel:

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