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    • Saya schrieb:

      the March land auction just finished and once again there were some big surprises and changes in certain cities... bids this month were once again quite high in Caerleon but the real surprise was the frantic bidding in Martlock, usually one of the quieter towns in previous months... my sources tell me a group of players who previously owned plots in Martlock planned to place high bids on the whole city, with only a few lucky owners being left alone...

      perhaps most surprising of all, one of the oldest residents of Martlock since release and holder of the most valuable plot in the city, a stonemason next to the bank, was finally evicted at auction... whether @demonfiter accepted defeat after months of relentless attacks or had already quit the game by the end of the auction is anyone's guess, but with his exit he becomes another part of Martlock's long history...

      back in Caerleon, the great crusade of @VOC against the cartel controlling the city tax almost came to an end in the last few minutes of the auction when bids of 30million silver were placed on each of his three eastern plots... I was as surprised as any when Voc defended all three plots and announced he was extending his crusade for another month... it remains to be seen how the cartel will react to his defiance, but this can only end in a crushing defeat for Voc or continued losses for the cartel...

      on the other side of the capital, the infamous rebel @Prol who has been causing trouble with his 25% cook in the far west, was also evicted this month by my good friend Solanna... congratulations to her and welcome to Caerleon!

      this month I provided loans to two plot holders in Caerleon who found themselves short of silver when the time to came to defend their plots... I was happy to help and hope to provide this service to other holders in the future, if and when needed... details for this service are in the first post of this thread xD
      Look at my gold screenshots from a month ago... Look at my gold screenshots now...

      I am GAINING gold.... not loosing....

      The profit from capped PLATE crafting, 333 Tier 8 Laborers, and 8 capped refining alts FAR FAR FAR outweighs the losses I can take on any 3 plots in Caerleon in a month.

      I was on for the last 10 mins of the auction as well... if bidders press me on my current 3 plots I will just buy 3 other plots and do the same thing.

      Taxes going to be 7% 7% 7% for a good while yet.

      Notice, I also bid 275 million in nuisance bids to screw with those who threatened me over the last month.

      These people that think they are going to easily push me over are wrong.


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      my speculation in items for the Lancelot patch has really paid off, I have now sold most of my stockpiles with only a few orders left to sell... some of the best returns came from T4-T6 relics which saw massive volume just before and after patch day... another was siphoned energy which was also in high demand for transmutation gamblers!

      the fund jumped up to 8.8% for the month with just under two weeks of trading left, and I am sure we will exceed 9% making this month an all-time high...

      moving on, gold rose to around 715 silver after the plot auction but according to my sources, intra-day trading went as high as 780 before collapsing showing obvious manipulation as in previous months... I don't believe gold will break 800 again until SBI introduce additional gold sinks, possibly with the costume wardrobe feature next patch...

      have a great weekend everyone xD
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      now that the patch day mayhem has died down a little, I am working hard to level up my fishing skill... if anyone is interested in some supporting material for all your fishy needs, please see this great thread by @Snowy273... including some contributions from a novice angler:

      Fishing Guide with all fishes ingame :)
      Bank of Albion
      Investments & Third-Party Services
      Contact me via the Forums or Discord: Saya#4434